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Alem Hailu Gabre Kristos is born in Addis Ababa Ethiopia.
Bsc in Mathematics, Addis Ababa University.
MA in English Literature.
He is a Poet, Writer, Translator(literary works) , Journalist, Editor.
He had won prizes for poems and short stories from Embassies and different organizations.
His book 'A Vent to Stifled Emotions' published by Traf ...

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No Condom No Sex

No Condom No Sex

(Sex Worker to a house wife - >)

Entertain not for me hatred
It is only for a daily bread
I take your husband abed.

Since you are so timid
In haste, you leave your husband
Restless and discontented.

Lovemaking is an art
My dear sister
You should surely master
Than on me nicknames pester
Harlot, Slut, Hooker and a Whore!

Read a lot on the subject
With your spouse develop the art
At long last
When you prove your dexterity
In conjugal felicity
A tip it would be for mental integrity.

With affection and suggestion open
Your spouse, you can turn
A love-making machine,
What else do you need in return.
By and By
You may not seek a hit on the sly

(<- A housewife to a sex worker)

My dear sister in Christ
I know there is nothing foul in your heart
Except, you are a sex worker by ill fate.
Thanks a lot for your comment
Which I will second no doubt.

Dear sister in Christ
At times if both
You and my husband
Get debouch of beer or Highland
Check you have a condom at hand
Just when you hold him inside,
For otherwise
Severe will be the consequence
For me and my child.

So you are morally obliged
By 'No Condom no Sex! ' to abide
I am also willing to you extend
A helping hand
That could help you
On your feet stand
Than barter your body
For a daily bread! ///

For want of openness and a conservative culture I have seen HIV claiming a heavy death toll in my country.In response to this I penned down this poem

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Alem Hailu Gabre Kristos Popularity

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