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Shall I be a chameleon?

In a way that
Makes observers sick,

My beloved
I always remember
Once my soul
Had taken a ride


Love is not
By fair means or foul
Meeting ones end,
But it is the negative good

As I was walking through
The streets of Addis
With a mood very high,
Out of a clear blue sky,

Bouncing back
From cold shoulders
And many a rejection,
Resilient, I throw


Lured by your
Elegant posture
When at its best
Appears nature,


My son is late to night
A bit drunk


Eve became
Foolishly bold

There are people
When you treat
Them polite
Who become rude

Immediately after I
Fetched my salary
From a Bank
When I get drunk

On my way to work,
Whenever I pass through
The Holy Trinity church,
After a brief prayer,

Had I not relished
What I had long cherished
Had I not tasted
And grew out of

The sun with its
Fingers of ray
Caressing and dubbing
Thawed the ice,

A warm morning Sun
Flickering a ray of light
Making my fogy
Bachelor's heart bright,

To get a fresh air
A night stroll would be fair,
I thought
And switching the TV

After the burial of
A neighbourhood child
I stayed in the cemetery
Where lash grasses, trees

'As telling lies
Is dangerous,
To it, you
Have to be averse! '

In keeping their head
Above water
The wise draw
A quick lesson

My love is like to ice, and I to fire
How comes it then that this her cold so great
Is not dissolved through my so hot desire,
But harder grows the more I her entreat?

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Alem Hailu Gabre Kristos is born in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. Bsc in Mathematics, Addis Ababa University. MA in English Literature. He is a Poet, Writer, Translator(literary works) , Journalist, Editor. He had won prizes for poems and short stories from Embassies and different organizations. His book 'A Vent to Stifled Emotions' published by Trafford publisher has hit the market both in paper backs and e-book form. His novel 'The Sky is the Limit' published by book tango has also hit the market. He appreciates feedbacks if you read and forward one. see and others)

The Best Poem Of Alem Hailu Gabre Kristos

What Shall I Be?

Shall I be a chameleon?

In a way that
Makes observers sick,
Shall I uncunningly
Side the slick?

Shall I optimize my chance
Echoing both
The good or wrong stance
Of who by unfair means
Seized the rein of power
And hence benefits
Will not be loath
On me to shower?

A chameleon,
Reflecting my surrounding
Shall I be
Self serving
As it has become
Nowadays a common thing?

Shall I be an ermine?

Keeping my professional
And self integrity
And cleanliness
True to my conscious
To the extent of
Facing an unfolding adverse
Shall I distance
My self
From being
A false witness
On my colleagues
And neighbours? ///

Waiting for the ripe moment to meet their end there are people who don't bat an eye to stab you in the back even if you did them good.
An ermine falls a prey for the sake of its cleanliness, while a chameleon changes its colour according to its surrounding.Read about ermine.

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