Alexander Thomas Poems

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In The Eye Of The Storm

Behold the power!
Bend down and cower!
Twisting and tearing through it will devour you,
The rain splashing, thrashing and lashing,

In Too Deep

I saw you hiding your tears crying in pain,
Hoping that all would be washed away with the rain,
Perched on a cliff you were desperate to be set free,
You slipped and fell into the tempestuous sea,

A Bubble Bath

I shed my appearance of the present time,
To return to man's immortal state sublime,
And be pure of nature and form,
Descending into waters clear and warm,

The Devil's Dance

I sold my soul to the devil,
For a half-hearted wink and a thirst quenching drink,
But not water instead poisonous ink,
To it I hold a mirror,


What a gift is life,
With glimpses of heaven reflecting,
And gracious fortune intersecting,

The Poet Prince

I walk upon these sacred sands of time,
Through towering dunes of wonder I climb,
Gathering the perfect moments that gleam,
To create the heaven of which I dream.


When lightning sparks the flame to burn bright,
All are drawn to the light,
When fire burns strong all will go brave into the dark night,
The flames dance will flicker forever in sight,


Such beauty beyond words!
Straining imagination,
Mystifying comprehension, unfathomable in design, staggering in subtly!
The sinuous lines and curves,


When the wild, wild winds tear,
For thee so tender and fair,
I would not hesitate to dare,
To run my fingers through thine flaxen hair,

Children Of The Dawn

Children of the dawn,
Go play in the corn!
Burn the house down,
And wear the sky as your crown!

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