Venus Poem by Alexander Thomas


Rating: 5.0

When the wild, wild winds tear,
For thee so tender and fair,
I would not hesitate to dare,
To run my fingers through thine flaxen hair,
And show you our love is beyond compare!

Miracle on high,
I am besotted by thy beauty I cannot lie,
It sparkles as the sun over the sea,
And greets me with smiling glee,

When the wild, wild winds gust,
For that which our hearts intensely lust,
In a leap of faith wilt thou trust,
To do what we surely must,
Together into fearless future to thrust…

The shades of time fall,
In fading light wither to stall,
Frail beauty is dear,
The delights of the garden near,

When the wild, wild winds blow,
When the day comes and we both know,
Those seeds we will sow,
And our love will grow and grow,
As down that golden valley we go…

In fever and haste,
Not a breath to waste,
I beckon you to paradise,
To all that is charming, splendid and nice,

When the wild, wild winds whirl,
Dishevelled and hair to curl,
Moved in rapture to twirl and twirl,
When I can lift thou up and call thee my girl,
Then I will have found that most precious pearl!

Jayne Davies 10 May 2022

A truly wonderful poem! Absolutely beautiful. Five stars*

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Alexander Thomas 12 May 2022

Thanks for your kind words Jayne!

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