A Bubble Bath Poem by Alexander Thomas

A Bubble Bath

Rating: 5.0

I shed my appearance of the present time,
To return to man's immortal state sublime,
And be pure of nature and form,
Descending into waters clear and warm,
To cleanse my body and mind,
And leave quotidian misfortunes behind,
Swimming up sparkling creeks,
And rising over crystal peaks,
A thousand psychedelic reflections,
And shifting kaleidoscopic projections,
Of different worlds and other selves,
Beneath the surface consciousness delves,
Bubbles of epiphany rise,
As innumerable as Argus' eyes,
Are we just a dream within a dream?
On stirring waters just a beam?
A rainbow of light on a bubble?
A wavy shape on a puddle?
An image on the eye of God?
Surely nothing would be odd?
Water slips between the hands,
As do man's best laid plans,
Only the sanitized soul understands,
What the torrent of truth demands,
On the surface galaxies curling,
And so many possibilities swirling,
Man drifts in oceans of infinity,
To master this is with the Universe to find affinity,
With so many mysteries and questions,
One must be open to suggestions,
And accept life's futility,
Bowing to it with humility,
Drowning in the seas of time,
The bells of awakening must chime.

Is everything just lost in space?
Including the entire human race?
Against time where is there to race?
But to look ourselves in the face,
And with bare humanity to all face.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: god,time,universe
Bri Edwards 28 February 2022

'And accept life's futility, Bowing to it with humility, '. Well, sir, the 'futility' part rings a bell, but not the 'humility' part! ! ! For me I mean. ;) bri

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Practicing Poetess 04 August 2017

Another winner. So vividly written, I nearly could feel myself swimming! This one gets a 10 from me!

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