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Always had a love for books and poetry.
Has only been properly writing poems the past 1/2 years.

[Updated 20/September/2008]

Number of Poems Written So Far...7

Alexandra Bowden Poems

If Today Was My Last Day

If today was my last day,
And tomorrow was too late,
I’d take you away,
And be with you throughout the day.

In Your Arms

In Your Arms,
Is The Only Way I Feel Safe,
Where No Bad Can Hurt Me,
Where No Evil Can Touch Me.

A Tear Doesn'T Have To Be Visible

A tear doesn't have to be visible,
It doesn't have to fall down your face.
A tear can be hidden inside,
And fall down our heartstrings.


I have to feel pain,
In order to feel alive.
From the starving of food,
To the stopping of breath.


So bright,
So safe,
So Wonderous.

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me tinks ur biography is lil out of date..... =]

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