Alexandre Nodopaka Poems

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A Love Letter

I write words and listen to
sounds from Persia.
There's a party next door
and when the exotic music stops

Good Morning-Д О Б Р О Е У Т Р О Cb Е Т

Я и г р а л с в а ш е й г р у д ь ю
О н и б ы л и ц в е т а м и п о д с о л н е ч н и к
О т р а ж а я в м о и х г л а з а х

A Moment Of Aloness

Transformed into a moment
of loneliness
There was this single bud
waiting to open

A Divine Sign

Resting in a hot bath
I had an unholy vision
Of an olive tree.
Its virginal pit

A Banter In My Backyard

I spoke to the butterfly telling her
I saw a lizard in the middle
of April at the edge of my garden

A Nuclear Poem

I did not pass on the other side yet.
God is not ready for me.
I am still building the nose of the puppet.
Everything is fine & dandy on my side.

~ (.) ! (.) ~

This is poetry in the making,
its content is developing
forming enchanting words and allegorical silhouettes.
Quick with wit, angry as disillusioned slaps,

A Mathematical Conjecture

Is when quasi-symmetric designs
Reach two stage disjunctive testing
Upon subtracting the discrete numbers.

A 1949 Summer Hallucination

In the center of the Atlas Mountains
A boy of 9-and-half years
Squirms in an army cot
In the middle of a windowless room.

A Hindi Canto

If you are to be Sita and I Rama
Stop doing anything related to turking
Because to continue on a dark path

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