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Alexis karpouzos is an Greek-born philosopher and author. He was born in Athens on April 9,1967, after attending philosophy and social studies courses at the Athens School of Philosophy and political science courses at the Athens Law School, he continued his studies in psychoanalysis and the psychology of learning. Alexis karpouzos is the Founder of the International Community of Learning, Research and Culture in Greece. Alexis karpouzos Center has contacts and partnerships in 15 countries. More than 12.000 people have participated in the lessons and community's actions. Our goal is to create a spiritual experience in consciousness worldwide where people recognize that we are all part of an interconnected whole. The community's activities include residential courses and conferences. The Community also runs discussion groups, social activities, art workshops, produces events, publishes books and videos in Greece. Apart from its educational and research aspects, the center organizes, develops and takes part in a self-organized actions: ·Art Actions (visual actions, musical actions and drama group) ·Cultural Actions (cinema club, dance club) ·Socilal Actions (Social Solidarity Clinic, social school, School for migrants and refugees) .

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07 June 2021

Our road not marked on maps. Fugitives of the centuries, our origin is the breathing and our destination is exhalation, A thousand suns are flowing in our blood, and the vision of infinity is always chasing us. The form cannot tame us, Our days are a fire and our nights a sea. Alexis karpouzos

07 June 2021

Our souls are tied across universes, there is unbroken continuity, you see the love is more powerful than death, so let the winds of the heavens to dance with you and give your smile at the other's welcome. Our road not marked on maps. Alexis karpouzos

01 August 2021

The world does not consist of subjects and objects, the "subject" and the "object" are metaphysical abstractions of the single and indivisible Wholeness. Man's finite knowledge separates the Whole into parts and studies fragmentarily the beings. The Wholeness is manifested in multiple forms and each form encapsulates the Wholeness. Alexis karpouzos

01 August 2021

The universe is not a world of separate things and events but is a cosmos that is connected and coherent. The physical world and spiritual experience are both aspects of the same reality and man and the universe were one. Alexis karpouzos

01 August 2021

All beings and things, visible and invisible are interrelated and inseparable, are the same and different forms of open wholeness. The possibility of survival, passing through a generous and friendly relationship with the other man, with the other beings, the planet as a whole, the stars and the whole universe. Alexis karpouzos

01 August 2021

You are a point of consciousness within multiple fields of consciousness that interpenetrate each other: A multi-dimensional being within a multi-dimensional Universe. When you realize the unity of all these fields of consciousness you share life with, you partake in conscious communion. Alexis karpouzos

01 August 2021

Void and existence coexist and complement each other endlessly in the Cosmos, and beyond this duality is Consciousness of unity. Alexis karpouzos

20 March 2022

The sky touches the face of the blue earth and whispers, ''I am so yours''. The earth wonders, ''How could that be. You are boundless. You have so starries jewels, stars, suns and moons, and I, I am little, I have no own light. And Beyond that, in the modern era, in the Barbaric greed of civilization, I feel, a thousand deaths on my body, no more flowers left to bloom, no more harvest to reap, tears have become irony, fades daylight''. And the sky replies, ''I know, they came with iron chains claws sharper than the wolves, came hordes of hunters with perverted eyes of contempt. But, Even if your tears are restive your heart glistening in trampled darkness''.

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Endless Love - Alexis Karpouzos

When day comes we ask ourselves where can we find light in this never ending shade? The loss we carry, a ocean we must wade. We braved the belly of the beast. I have seen you in millions of places. I met you in a million forms. We met among the ruins, the ashes and the bones, we lost them all, but we found each other, I saw your lion heart, and it pulled me. I saw the creation and the destruction in your eyes. I see you here in the mud, on the rock, in the rays of the rising sun. We are Dead and alive, we saw a thousand Christs go by As they went up to Calvary but The dove it found no resting place.

You were where our solar system was formed, you whispered something to me for eternal love and then you fell from my hands and everything became fire. All the myths always showed you.
We are man and woman, plant and stone, amorphous and form, swallow and eagle, snake and gazelle, fantastic creatures of the depths. They crucified us, beat us, tied us to poles and burned us, wrapped us in gold and silver jewelry, then exalted someone in the world and then we were ridiculed. We stood together in front of the executive detachment, our bodies pressed against each other for the last time, flesh by flesh, as we became utensils for the spirit.

But don't forget You are my brother, my sister, my child. I took care of you from infancy and you took care of me. We were lovers and friends, we recognized each other with countless disguises, here on one side and there on the other. And in the end, there were no sides at all, only this magnificent loop, this One Circle - majestic, magnificent, royal, timeless, utterly mysterious and towering above all things. Print me in your heart, love is as strong as death '. Does not matter. You are inside me and I am inside you and we will compose again a humanity committed to all cultures, colors, characters, and conditions of man

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