Alibo Terna Timothy Poems

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Inches And Punches

Down the road- too many potholes
Too many dreams- fleet of a thousand echo'
Hope they get to fly
Hope they get to nest

Ten Count

Down for the count
-with a eyes bloodshot
Trying to tower the hill top
Exigent circumstance trying to put me stop


Dreams of better days and royal rumble
freight of many things
the thought alone can get me crumble'
especially when from the genesis

A Hundred Dream A March

Roars of dawn gave me a funny chill
knowing there's no beacon of an easy drill
- still same stony hill
That I pray "Oh Lord, please give ears to my plea"

Beauty For Ashes

Let beauty comes out of those ashes
let that smile surpass the pains
Sing that praise when the load seems heavy
and let God do His thing, He is the Almighty.

Alpha Life

Going through the course of life without a syllable
and each page must be covered
-but how, is still a miracle
Like how I beat a flight of steps

Blood On Dust

Against the roars of the street
I spark-lit my match-stick
heading to a great 'shore
or so I hope it be.

Pot Of Gold

Exigent circumstance
Split seconds decision
The free-fall hitting every hell's hole
-way down


Hope is a lovely bird that always flies
the beautiful light that always dies
a stone that crushes when it can't be carried any farther.
And yet-

Phoenix (Hope)

I let her fly beautifully
A hope, a brighter future
and on her wings lie's-
a heavy stone-

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