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...of the clearing
of the trees
a leaf, sustain
the load of sorrow

a bird sinks down
through the wind,
unmindful of clouds
to cushion its fall

In the hub of foreign tongues,
a hunger hatched a dreamt day
Induced fairy tale left hung,
a child is lost in sublime story

I am encompassing the period
towards the tail and head
of time, in circle
what's the difference?

...and the earth
embraces the first rain,
that unlocks the sweet and sour
smell of sod's spore

Words cast shadows,
the breeze carries it and
lingering almost feeling
your presence...

...last night
I thought we flew
through a storm
and had been swallowed

a mirage in my waking dream,
beneath the sun, a thirsty vagrant,
devouring an offered realm
a wisp of joy of a long-felt want.

a tormented soul against the darkness
unuttered sound of a roaring beast
feelings translate a colored vision
the sky slithers in rhythm of emotion

...a voice like
the silent melody of a falling snow
gently brushing my face

'Hunas' by Genica Mijarez
translated by Alice Cuenca

You can't hear

it was sunny when
he said goodbye,
I expected rain.

In his lofty tower,
my body religuished,
An energy broken,
fighting to the last ounce

Amidst the noise, i hear you!
i retraced my steps...
beguiled but still
grateful for the unsought

Through an ant's view
an unhindered eye of a needle;
words are breathing.
An ongoing flow,

...finally alone
on the loveset
at Starbucks.

we are lovers
Of words
shaping nature
into our names

filled the air-
no rippling of water
where the shadows fall.

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a person still searching for her niche...)

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(! ! ! !) Haiku

through a darker cloud
a fading ray of sunset ~
sky blends with shadow

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Cindy Velasquez 23 March 2009

a life-changing word of art...the best poet!

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p.a. noushad 13 February 2009

ever enchanting wings of poetry

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Alice Cuenca Popularity

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