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You are all i have
I will not let you go
You are all i need
Please, dont leave

Power is strength
Strength is wisdom
Wisdom is love
Love is beauty

I have never felt this way
In your eyes i see everything
My heart sings when you touch me
I cant breathe when you kiss me

Peace, Passion, Past
What used to be
He loved me
But, i beleive

Love is a poison
It kills
Suicidal Emotional or Physical
Love runs through your body

When i finally met my one
Something got in the way
Like fate i cant recall
My heart is what i own.

Have you ever felt like you were the only one?
You just want to runaway
But something wont let you
You have to stay

What is that story?
About a girl and a guy.
What were there names... Romeo and Juliet.
Story of Love they say.

I wonder,
If you pick a rose
Do you think it picks you?
Waiting for you to say its beautiful.


I cant live my life without you
The pain of losing you
Too unbareable
I cant take this pain anymore

Pictures are memories
You love them
Cherish them Forever
Whenever you look at them

Everybody has their days
Sometimes your very afraid
But don't be
Cause the world's a beautiful place

Is anyone here?
Is anyone near?
I can't feel anything
I can't hear anything

Sometimes i will suspect you
Sometimes i will feel unloved
But i still love you


If i fall...
Will you catch me?
If i drown...
Will you save me?

Life is just a path you walk
You're just walking to a Dead End
In this world so cold
Never knowing when you will die

I have come a long way
Just for you to say it is too late
Never wondered, never strayed
Just walk on by hoping you’ll be back again

Graduation day! ! ! ! !
Whats more perfect than this
Getting a degree
Growing up to be somebody

So far away, a bird in a nest
Children they rest
For which they know the sun will rise again
Dawn will break here comes another day

When im there in my bed
No one to hold, No one to understand
Time has come and time has past
Nothing will ever last

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I have never left Texas: ] So country....I really am but im not dumb... I am only 15.....But my poems are more mature than my age. My personality, well, its weird: ] I am very exotic. I am shy and mysterious and very friendly! What i would love to do one day is.... jump off the Eiffel Tower into glass in a pool of snakes through fire and land in quicksand....and SURVIVE! ! ! : P. My thinking is not normal i think more less unnaturally.... My life has been...horrible but im still living and happy: D!)

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You are all i have
I will not let you go
You are all i need
Please, dont leave
My whole life is in your eyes
Do not say goodbye

Forgive me, i have done wrong
But our love stands so strong
You are the reason i awake every morning
Your heart is my clear blue sky
Your arms are my shelter

I feel so alive when your lips touch mine
Just a second chance is all i need
To make this work
To see you not leave

One more tear out of my eyes
Hold me close, i will not cry
You are my world
My body shivers in your arms
Thank you, God for bringing him to me
Every chance you give me
I promise, i wont fail

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Alicia Moore Popularity

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