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First Boy...

the first boy

has changed now

A Hole In The Tree

There's a hole in the tree
cross the street
from my sister's house

All Your Tears - Poem #1 From The Secret Drawer

Give me all your tears
in a gilded chalice
your tears

A Mother's Lament

my child, my child, i am so afraid
my child, my child, please forgive me


de vie

truly thou art a visionary for this age,

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I've had very little formal training, I just like to write what i know, what I see, and occasionally meander around trying to find new things to write about. One of my favorite writing teachers, Joy Oshun [Pima College, Tucson, AZ] made a great impact on me by encouraging me to explore outside of my own realm of knowledge and experience to find in ...

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