Alisha Castle

Silver Star - 3,011 Points [Alisha Castle] (05/01/1993)

Alisha Castle Poems

1. High School 12/17/2015
2. Death Is A Gentleman 12/22/2015
3. A Game 12/22/2015
4. The Knight 12/23/2015
5. Pandora 12/23/2015
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8. Inspirational Poem 12/24/2015
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11. Tell Me The Truth 12/23/2015
12. A Day Like Today 11/26/2016
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14. If I Am Chosen! 12/13/2016
15. Merry Christmas 12/25/2016
16. Siesta Of Summer 3/24/2017
17. Eternal Blue 6/22/2017
18. Dear Old Days! 12/17/2016
19. Don't Stop Believing 12/28/2015
20. A Nice Beautiful Morning 12/28/2015
21. Love 12/23/2015
22. Friendship 12/23/2015
23. Boy You Are Mine 12/22/2015
24. Bless Me Forever 12/17/2015
25. Wish Of Moon 3/30/2015
26. Unspeakable One 12/18/2015
27. In The Mountain Chest 12/24/2015
28. Rose Petals 12/1/2016
29. To The Rest Of The World 12/23/2015
30. When Love Dies 12/28/2015
31. The Thorn 12/22/2015
32. We Should Remember 4/4/2015
33. Sunny Day 4/6/2015
34. Not A Poem Of Love 12/27/2016
35. Soul's Hero 12/18/2015
36. The Poet 1/18/2016
37. Dreaming About You 2/17/2016
38. The Moon Knows Everything 12/24/2015
Best Poem of Alisha Castle

The Moon Knows Everything

The Moon knows everything
The day I got my sense
I threw all my wishes to her
Not because I want her to fulfill
But because I wanted to share my feelings

I shared every good and bad things
All the grief, even happiness
All the things I got and lost
I also noticed her too to know if she serious
When I am telling my thought
The evil situation that time sometime brought

The Moon knows everything
Even now when I am no more a teenager
I walk under the vast sky
I utter my feelings and I never lie
When I come attach with her
Like a newly born ...

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Wish Of Moon

Setting Moon gone to the Ocean,
To find the best of her.
She picked some pearls from there,
Thought about her dreamy desire,
No visions were there suitable to her and got upset.
I was waiting for her after the time she left.
She returns with some pearls and gives those to me,
Talking about her searching journey of agony,
She is getting bore in her busy schedule.

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