Alisha C Poems

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The Moon Knows Everything

The Moon knows everything
The day I got my sense
I threw all my wishes to her
Not because I want her to fulfill

Dreaming About You

Sitting lonesome beside the ocean
No, I am not dreaming about you
I wonder the motion of waves
May know huge or a few

The Poet

Everyone crosses through the road
Only one who stay
To touch, to feel, to care, to reveal
The beauty on things on his separate way

Not A Poem Of Love

Do not think it's a verse
Not admit it's a story
It's a blank verse unwritten
It's a story untold

When Love Dies

When love dies
Nothing touches your heart
Life loses it's meaning
Emotion mixes with dust

Soul's Hero

My soul's hero you deserve me
Till the last drop I know
You are the one who brought my dead soul back
From the depth of hell to regain

The Thorn

I stated with all my grace
I stated will all my proud
That I know the man and it's you
And that sound a little much loud.

We Should Remember

Memory of those days, some mischief we ever did,
Sometime fall on us, being helpless,
We may loss some time to gather them,
To enjoy the sad moment, drive out loneliness,

Sunny Day

I dreams the sunny day
Ray falls in the ocean
Glitters like stars of night
Finding the own easiest way

Rose Petals

I am the rose petal
He is the thorn
We born with each other
For reason unknown

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