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Well Hello,

Thank you for visiting again,
love what you've done with your hair!

This is my Jouska.

I am a flawsome, technophile, pistanthrophobic,
libertarian, coryphee, ambivert, individualist, Christian.
(My Psychiatric accounts are insane!)

I have size B man boobs;
I eat lots of KFC in my endeavor to achieve size C.
I ...

Alistair Plint Poems


As the sun beats
ultra-violet rays
her soft-pink


The hail beats the tin roof of this old house
like a previous century stoning
the ice crashing on the corrugated steel
is reminiscent of a

Ramble In Airwaves

Dumped the television
only six months
It was filling my mind

When Rose Petals Awake

Dried rose petals
fascinate me
The delicate death

Entry Four (Allegory)

When the rules of the game
on the blood exchange
All eyes staring

Alistair Plint Quotes

13 May 2018

like flowered tiaras hell-bound on growth & success

28 May 2018

When poetry drops on white pages like thunderous dark clouded drops of sixty-per-cent acid

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Samantha Peo 11 May 2018

Yaaay! So pleased to see your writing here. It's time these beautiful writes were made public. So proud of you boy!

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Frikkie 09 May 2018

I luv this oke. You must hear him read live. It made my wife cry. So awesome.

3 0 Reply
Hugh H 19 May 2018

Completely decent writing! Universal in it's rift! I'm voting Non-Goddess-A. It's absolutely astounding!

2 0 Reply
Rachel Zunes 13 May 2018

I had a wonderful day reading your work. I enjoyed every one I read. Why does the moon hide stood out for me Thank You so much for these!

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sdvsdvs 27 January 2020

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Great work! You are one of my favorite poets!

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Sarah Cohen 23 July 2018

Well I never. This writing is captivating. 10/10

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Ntombi 06 July 2018

Eish Al I was so happy to to find your poems. Celebration! Thoms xoxo

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Xolani Golo 22 May 2018

One of South Africa's favourite. I saw you at Joburg Theatre. was unbelievable. Bra you must ask to put The Child Revolution up here. It's my favourite poem. Also Teddy Bear...please!

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