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We stand to take our vow
as I promise to love you forever
from that day the passion grew
as did my love for you decades past

This pain you've caused
these memories long since lived
what am i in this hollow dig
crying and bleeding i see no light in this twlight hour

So hollow and cold weak from dispair
depression falls like winters snow
whi do i feel this way
left in the cold banished from your home

Love is the poison that destroyed my life
Love is the hate in disguise ready to kill
Love is is what murdered my friends and family
Love is blindness that never fades away

I stood before you open hearted and ready
stuff happens and people change I dont hate you
your cool and one day we could be friends again but
for now I want you to burn for the pain you caused me I

Could I ever hope to have a person like you
a man like you someone I could love and cherish
and just be real with could I be ever so loyal and honest
and true and grow with you from my black to gray shall I rest beside you

My Time is up
This bind is undone
No longer shall in look to find this love
Where it once flew like a dove

I Dedicate this Poem to the Woman who made me Bleed

In my heart that once Held love
Past the Gate of my forgotten loves

I stand alone along this highway wondering if i'll die this way
seeing you come and drive past me our roads crossed
haveing secret dreams through tearful nights thinking of you is what got me by
seeing you kept me

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Born In cleveland,18 right now I attended glenville Highim Im a current alumnithats working real well I'm an african american Teen I wear this mask afraid to let most in i won't conform and I'll always standout no matter what i Do or don't as the only Black goth guy at glenvill a Good friend i am truth sayer i am i got good friends not very many but when your in the world is yours I'm free to talk Whenever my address is below My Heart has a lock do you have a key.

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I Did You Wrong

By my hand i did you wrong though i feel no guilt I know im at fault
This pain i caused you was painless and quick and i realize now how much i hurt you things have come to pass things have been said even the look have has faded from behind these tearful eyes what am i to do for you to finally take me back I dont love you but I miss you So much everything thing you once did you now do for another an now Im sad

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Erhard Hans Josef Lang 26 April 2008

What I really like about Allen Junior: reads poems ALOUD - ain't it great! That's how it ought to be! Poetry is to the word, what a song is to tunes, there to be sung in the first place.

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