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If God were a man, he might descend on earth,
open shop down here,
like all the other fellows do,
charge his tokens for his rays of sun

Hair-raising novelty;
Unbelievable story.
Yet something truly experienced.
In India all of them were all ears,

Why won't the acclaimedly intelligent beings of the animal world,

Called the humans,

Modern man has come to know
to tame the horse for riding it.
Why would our hominide ancestors,
contemporaries of dinosaurs,

From out of my heart I despise
Each and every slave of material matters

Are we really present in this body
when we pass at night
through our lands of dream?
Supposed we wanted to

Why not let troubled things talk and hold council with you?
Or do you relish the birth-pangs' banging between clashes?
Things can't talk, yes, or can they? !
You may only proffer your own fantasy

How could one imagine what it
sounded like when starting to
learn a foreign language,
merely from the books, and had

The Seer, our father, once offered all these worlds in oblation,
assuming a priestly role,
and sought to gain riches by the power of prayer;
he himself entered later creations, while shrouding in mystery

This is a true story that occurred in my life,
Which goes to show
What a limitless power it is -
The urge of Mind's sway.

walking with a lush turf carpet under joyous flappers
to feel what exactly you're stepping up to next thing

In the fir forest on the heath there's a hut quite miserable,

and even more miserable life is for the dwellers of the hut.

The Finns have been reporting in March of 2007
that two Dutchmen had voiced fears through a German mouth-piece,
a number-one trading paper in the world,
that mistakes of the interior market were to jeopardize the future of

Brahma, the Hindus' God of creation,
is seen as an only four-headed god,
thus looking out into the
the world

Wishing for more shares of yours
In times to come in
Your ever self-fulfilling graces and blisses,
I sing a song of success and victory,

Life is in no hurry to evolve:

Or wouldn't we otherwise,
In one span of life-time,

Money is today's world's biggest multiple nuisance factor.

Money had been invented and introduced to be used
As a common standardizer in our ancient forefathers'

Above my head a new day doesn't clear up, it brings the old clouds.
And each new day here is a small eternity.
It's lingering at my door, like a poor wife, to walk off, -
or it is, as if it were rising from my dreams, as though it were a

How wonderful to be lolling about here.
Spreading one's limbs on the palm of a rock's hand.
In the nude.
Just back from a swim.

Light up all your lights, dear friends, and
Keep the backdoors of your houses well-shut this day,
For it is Diwali - the Indian festival of lights.

Erhard Hans Josef Lang Biography

As lyrical as it may sound, I am the last bay in an unbroken line of an old German-Suebian ancestry of blacksmiths; in these tractorized days the 'smithy works' of old now trotting along on somewhat lighter feet than with the beasts of burden in my grandfathers' days, but my own shop's clients, in the form of thoughts & ideas for composing poetry, are still as swift-pacing as their horses could have been then, the wilder among them sometimes as hard to saddle. I, therefore, in 1988, had moved away from the hectic environs of my native Germany so as to be able to steep myself in my engagements on more tranquil shores, and have eversince been living in the south-west of the Philippine island of Mindanao. Secretly I'm harbouring dreams of reaching, one day, shores still farther-out - those of Madagascar, with a people related to these here in the Far East. I would like to see people take courage and stand up to work for the coming of a better world, without the killing seriousness of any old-type ideology. This, and other humorous aspects, I'm trying to express through my poems.)

The Best Poem Of Erhard Hans Josef Lang

Changing Places Between Divine And Human

If God were a man, he might descend on earth,
open shop down here,
like all the other fellows do,
charge his tokens for his rays of sun
that, incessantly rolling the spheres,
on every one of us
masterpieces of creation shines down so lavishly.

But there had been no signs yet,
God ever wanted to take that plunge into the human sphere.

Infinitely straying through cosmos, indeed, must be the greater joy.

God obviously didn' t want to populate
His spheres with unfailing robots of good luck,
alive only, to be fading away with boredom of existence.

Nor wouldn' t anyone have come up with the idea of praying,
if not for fear to be overlooked by Him
at the time of His showering blessings,
if the greatest thing on earth really were only,
to look after all subalterns all of the time,
and to set all the hopeful among us grapplers
on their best possible courses.

If men were to be God, given the knowledge,
We as men have already gathered,
we might well set up a globe spanning network of energy conversion,
for His free sun rays to run also Our empowered gadgets
we men have invented for daily use,
as free as His machinery of creation and supervision.

And if man were to be as good a man as God,
as we so readily love Him to be called,
why wouldn' t we want to readily chip in His talents and abilities? !

Each of us, then, panvoluntaristically working together hand in hand,
to allow for a free flow of all ' give & take'
on these our lives' challenging tumbler grounds,
along the rivers of all essential and all wanton goods,
suddenly divinely common-standard?
Which were to make people happy,
feeding and decorating us evermore
at the voluntary price of a truly free,
individual participation in running the world?

Thus things getting organized
that one fine day,
by that natural waterfall of
the river of goods,
once made to flow for free for all,
any rarer upcoming items of the pioneering novelty,
produced for the sake of improving the human lot further,
were to come splashing in -
truly sensational -
showering their refreshening sprays of comfort,
not over who' s got more money, but
first-off as booty for the televised winners of
most entertaining, smart-earth candy shows,
to be applauded by excited masses,
who' d stand by monitoring the renewing common shores of life
while joyously clapping their hands,
instead of falling prey to the sting of envy
over unlevelling, ill-spread money,
while waiting amused for their own turns
and lucky jumps into the expanded waters of
the share-all-for-free ocean of life then to be?

If man were to be God,
hadn' t He enough leisure time at hand,
to really go and look for, and, eventually stem out,
the root of persistent evil - money?

Man seems made to improve.
Animalhood improved to be man,
without wasting in sacrifice the animals away.
Were it not likewise for manhood to improve to be more like God,
without wasting in sacrifice
the human element away -
by a regulated growing in the wisdom of the plants?

And just to think of what
greater happiness also there could be
in between the sexes,
if man and woman were to be His human god and goddess!

Or would it strictly take God as a man to make man a god?

Could one, even if simply a man, somehow ever
make Him care to allow us men -
to soften our grip on life
by letting us have ungodly money abolished?

* * *

* * * * * * *

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Nkululeko Mdudu 17 October 2008

thank you for your recognition of my works Mr Erhard, I had almost given up on receiving any attention from my poetic peers. I appreciate every word

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