Francis Duggan Alone Poems

And She Is Left To Face The End Alone

She's lost the dearest love she has ever known
And now she has to face the end alone
Her only daughter's ashes gone to sea
But of others she doesn't need their sympathy.

All Alone With Mother Nature

The restless waves splash up white foam upon the rocky shore
But I feel a peace within me like I've seldom felt before
All alone with mother Nature in Inverloch by the sea
The world is so much quieter here and of any stress I'm free.

Alone With Nature

September just a few miles out of Belgrave
And the gray shrike thrush pipes on a blackwood tree
I climb the high paddock that skirts the woodland
Alone with Nature my old dog and me.

I Only Wish To Be Alone With Nature

Forgive me if to you I seem indifferent and your ways I will never imitate
For I only wish to live in peace with others and I do not have the will in me to hate
You say this is a good race and this a bad race with such thinking I never could agree
I never was into comparing races there's good and bad in all of humanity.

My Life To Me Alone

My life to me alone is of much value though perhaps some others do not feel the same as I
As 'twould seem every human being is treated differently yes we are valued differently even when we die
When so called powerful leaders die their passing make World news headlines as if we all should mourn for their loss
Whilst many die are buried and forgotten and their neglected graves are cloaked by weeds and moss.

All Alone In The Big City

All alone in the big city and your money running low
And you've got no one to turn to and there's no one that you know
And no bank or institution who would chance you with small loan
And you feeling fairly homesick and you miles away from home.

As If To Humans Alone

People kill foxes because their fowl they does eat
But humans as well enjoy eating fowl meat
But most people will tell you that this is not wrong
As if to humans alone the right to eat other life forms belong

By Gift Of Chance Alone

Everyone cannot be wealthy and famous we can only live as our best and nothing more
Circumstance of birth on your life can have a bearing something often written of and said before
The homeless youth of drug addicted parents is one in life who is condemned to fail
It is quite hard for you to be successful if those who gave you the gift of life are locked in jail

Alone In Your Room

Alone in your room have you ever shed tears
For the place far away of your younger years
As you think of your young friends where might they be today
Where the deceased are perhaps some of them lay

All Alone Whilst I Sleep

I just want to die all alone whilst I sleep
With no one near my bed to grieve and to weep
Don't waste your prayers on me for your own souls pray
Leave my remains with Nature that will be okay.

Not Alone To Me

Another Spring has come and gone time does not tick on slow
And the more that i do learn from life the more i've come to know
That i've learned very little in my sixty four year life span
As success in the human terms go i'm not a successful man

Leave My Car Alone

By stuffing newspaper up the exhaust of my car
Somebody I do not know have taken their fun too far
I do not have a known enemy and I'm new to this Town
Why is someone I do not know trying to drag me down?

Mine Alone

I have no wish to harm others or do them any wrong
And my views on life are mine alone and to me they belong
I'm not what most would call a success poor in a material way
Since money speaks all languages in the World of today.

You Are Not Alone In Your Thinking

You are not one alone in thinking that living life is scarce worthwhile
That Lady Luck she is not with you and on you she never does smile
Sometimes you are even suicidal in that you are also not rare
There are many who think like you do in the bigger World out there.

'Tis By Chance Alone

'Tis by chance alone that we were even born
And we are destined to die as sure as night loses her dark cloak to the morn
We can only live in the now though we often think of the past
And the clock on our lives it keeps ticking on fast

Alone In The World In His Mid Seventies

On medication for clinical depression the years have left him sad and gray
Old Jim he is in his mid seventies he has known a far better day
Three years ago his darling Kate died suddenly she was the great love of his life
His soul mate and mother of his children and to him a devoted wife

You Are Not Alone In Feeling

Have you ever felt to bad luck you are tied
That the God of good fortune is not on your side
That Lady Luck she never does smile your way
And today once again for you a no luck day

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