You Are Not Alone In Your Thinking Poem by Francis Duggan

You Are Not Alone In Your Thinking

You are not one alone in thinking that living life is scarce worthwhile
That Lady Luck she is not with you and on you she never does smile
Sometimes you are even suicidal in that you are also not rare
There are many who think like you do in the bigger World out there.

You are not alone in your thinking that life can be very unfair
So many like you for to live on must battle their ghosts of despair
The crosses of life can be heavy for some far too heavy to bear
And many so many grow poorer for every proclaimed millionaire.

You often feel very despondent you are not alone in feeling that way
There are many so many like you that does seem a sad thing to say
You find life is such a hard battle with your problems you struggle to cope
And you can only hope for better that is all you can do is hope.

You feel life for you is too hard a battle and you silently wish you were dead
And every day for you a struggle and you fear for what may be ahead
But the tiny voice that's within at such times does grow to a roar
And shouts at you that you must hang in there and you have to fight on some more.

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