Altair Laahad

Altair Laahad Poems

1. The Ancient Knife 4/8/2013
2. Eloped 4/9/2013
3. Two Butterflies 4/10/2013
4. The Wind Has Crept Down The Hills 4/11/2013
5. Eucalyptus Talk 4/13/2013
6. It's Spring 4/15/2013
7. Primal Sympathy 4/17/2013
8. Two Men 4/20/2013
9. If 4/20/2013
10. Asylum 5/2/2013
11. When A Poet Dies 5/6/2013
12. It's Scary This World! 5/10/2013
13. Lullaby Of A Butterfly 4/6/2013
14. His Words 4/6/2013
15. His Pen(Is) Of A Poet 4/6/2013
16. Remember 5/20/2013
17. Tolerance 5/27/2013
18. Relic Of Serenity 6/5/2013
19. False Pride 6/12/2013
20. Blue Flood 7/20/2013
21. Confidence 5/19/2013
22. The Untrodden Lane 5/11/2013
23. Eroded Stones 5/1/2013
24. Rush 5/1/2013
25. Born On The Wind's Wings 4/14/2013
26. When You Dislike It 4/5/2013
27. Despair 6/18/2013
28. Silence 6/26/2013
29. Until You Do It 4/27/2013
30. And You'Ve Got A Good Poem 5/16/2013
31. And Both Slept With God 4/4/2013
32. A Green Willow Grows In My Heart 7/30/2013
33. When You Surrender Your Visibility 8/13/2013
34. You Soaked Your Words 8/21/2013
35. When You Scatter My Ashes 8/8/2013
36. A Litle Child Walked On A Snake 7/12/2013
37. They Melt With All The Gods 5/12/2013
38. As He Dreamed Of Slamming The Door 5/9/2013
39. Pink Dolphins In Amazone 4/7/2013
40. As You Write 4/3/2013

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Best Poem of Altair Laahad

As You Write

When the universe flows out of your heart
in hyperbolic resonance heard by the few
circles sharing your esoteric intersection,
they laugh and weep to your mirth and sorrow
while the onomatopoeia whispering or shrieking
in a landscape of rocks, rainbows, rain and roots
stirring the mud below;
There, you hold your pen, mindless of thoughts
with sweat droplets anointing your skin and soul
and the heart pulse singing the blissful gift
and your mind watching from above the hill,
your pen is rambling around
in a hieroglyphic dance without counting
the beats ...

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His Words

His words stole into the heart of the young girl
priding the chastity of a jurant to god;
like rain drops falling in the shape of amethyst stones
on the wrinkled desert bereaved of life gleam.

he perambulated with her up and down the paradisiac
rainbow of dreams
and spattered his balmy jargon around her fluttering heart
like the sorcerer blowing in a dulcimer,

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