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Swirl, spin, turn around,
never ever stop.

Do this, do that,

To wake to the sound of peace
Silent but for the caress of wind on the lake,
Birds singing

Turn left, turn right, turn all around.
Don't be caught behind you back.
they are looking, searching, hunting.
To find the culprit, that's you.

A flower, a flower
wont anyone give me a flower?

But no one stops, no one listens

I am a hidden treasure,
with no way to be found.

I am nature,

Bright, calm surrender
Water whispers, morning-Dawn
Silent but for birds

Dream of hope and dream of peace.
Dream of calm and dream of release.

Dream to unwind and dream to relax.

Staring up, sadness begins to creep into my heart.
Storm clouds block out the Sun.
Bathing the world in a eerie gray.
Funny how weather can control your mood.

Sing me a Song...
of limousines and limbo scenes,
limbosines and limo scenes,
and Lima beans and Leeches (the fruit)

Hush my darling no need to fear,
you will never hurt so long as I'm here.

I'll care for you, chase away the pain,

Staring up, looking out
into a brand new world.

My heart at peace,

Terror, red hot, swaps my being.
Irrational and out of the blue.
With no reason at all, it seems even more dangerous.
Like a haunting breeze creeping up my back,

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music....I love everything from classical to heavy metal...from Vivaldi to Korn!)

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Dance In The Light

Swirl, spin, turn around,
never ever stop.

Do this, do that,
move like this, move like that.

This is how we do the dance.

Gosh its fun to never care,
what happens all around.

Just you no one else,
when you do the dance.

Its s much fun and never ending,
why don't you join in too.

Just be careful, not anyone,
can dance the dance all day.

For if we all have fun all the time,
then nothing will be done.

our lives will simply fall apart,
no one will care no one will stop.

Soon death and destruction will ever bloom
like ivy grows across the ground, enticing and toxic

So just remember when you have some fun
take your turn and everyone will see the beauty of the light!

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Amélie Peace Popularity

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