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mother dear oh how i love you
more than you'll ever know
mother sweet protector
you have grown a gaaden of eden

Please Reed, if you care
You would respect my space
You wouldn’t judge all my mistakes
Please Reed, if you truly want to

For all the worries in the world
My seem so small
For all the love in the world
I have no at all

Judgment is a fire
A useful tool
To better our self
And those who aren’t fools


to fuel the soul
I feed the fire
that haunts the heart
passion, desire

I’m old enough to know what is love
So what is love?
I’m just young enough to believe
Its that feeling in your heart

There are some people who live life in fear
unaware they are already dead.
There are some people who live life in tears
unaware of what it means to smile

Indefinitely Lonely
I don’t know when it will end
The world will pass on by while I'm alone
stuck in a dark room

My teacher calls me a poet
She tells me to write
And shows me examples
Of just how to be

In the world I live in I am not an active member
I sit back and watch as they destroy MY world
I've been plucked from my home forced into a mold
I am not myself, my actions are not my own

I dance to music only I can hear
oh how I wish I could share its sweet song
I laugh for no reason except that I can
hoping other will join in


The flower grows short theres no way around it
the tree towers above reaching place it could only dream
the vine twist round anything it can find
while the sun shines down equal upon all

Brilliant memories silent dreams
A tear shed ten wiped clean
In a well light classroom
on an average day


If I show you how I wont be special
then I'l have to think of something so much better
brand new never thought of ever
nothing I am all I was before


the colors are so vivid
still I know its a dream
its almost too perfect
its hard to believe

I love on instinct and learn to hate
I wear my emotion for everyone to see
I smile and I laugh I cry and I scream
(You can see it all, just look at my sleeves)

In the age of communication I find I amusing to say:
I’ve tried so hard to write what I feel but words just don’t seem to do
How can I ever choose the perfect one when my head say ‘em all
I think… I feel.. all emotions at once.


Hope was once a gleaming star in the sky
Now its like fireworks that have long since died
I was on top of the world and in once fleeing glace
I hit the ground and it hit back…


I want to stumble I want to fall
for without mistakes ot aint really life
Lecture away Im sure I'll hear nothing
for theres nothing you say I havent heard before


He grabs my hand sensing something’s not right
I fake a smile and turn around
He patiently waits for the crowd to be gone
And quietly ask me to tell him what’s wrong

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shouldnt this say autobiography lol whatev I think the present is more important than the past right now i look forward to the future lol on a different note I PLAYED FOOTBALL which is how I got into poetry. Had to stay a girl some how and crying was not allowed on the grid iron. lol neither is rolling of the eyes as I found out today. cann't wait to get better so i can kick some bumm! ! ! ! ! ! ! Can you tell I have ADHA.. oh a bunny! where was I..oh I was born on my birthday when I was 9 months if ur troubles were bubbles I'd pop them one by pretty colors!)

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mother dear oh how i love you
more than you'll ever know
mother sweet protector
you have grown a gaaden of eden
for in your arms there is no evil
mother dear child of god
you taught me of the world
with ever growing patience
if all I ever where to say
just three word to you
I know just what would and wouldnt do
That vastness of these simple words
you taught me just what it means

(Please tell me what you think. I really need help its for my mommy's B-day)

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