Amar Agarwala Poems

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Coffin Speaks

My hollowed casket is empty
Awaiting a withered shell,
My wooden lid is askance

Bidding Adieu

No song I have my blessed child
No thoughts which could bid adieu,
As you travel to yonder world

The Walnut Tree

As I passed my wicket fence
The ageing walnut tree,
Showered me with withered leaves
And said something to me;

Once Upon Those Summer Days

I remember those summer days
When I passed by your winding lane,
Gay blossomed cottage where you lived
Vines adorning your window pane.

A Different Profession

No one yet knows my new calling
Now that my profile has changed,
I reside in a cemetery
A settlement prearranged.

For I Could Not Pause For Life

Because I could not pause for life
She kindly paused for me,
Her carriage held but just ourselves
And hospitality.

Ode To A Mendicant

He owned no fabled treasures
Nor the kingdom of a king,
No horses or elephants
Nor a catapult or a sling.

Love Is Blind

A brook marries the river
And river the ocean blue;
The sky & winds are witnesses
Waiting by the aisle in a queue.

Scavengers - A Crow & A Poet

Like a crow scavenges garbage
And sometimes a prey,
I too scavenge for morsels dry
That I may live a day;

An Ode To My Love

Those fiery skies hued red and grey
And birds in silence say,
Do hark to that stillness cool
A thunder-squall's on way.

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