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I am a practicing Chartered Accountant and Lawyer from the city of Kolkata. I have more than twenty four years of experience in the fields of Audit, Accounts, Management Advisory Services, Legal Draftings, Project Appraisal and Management. Have extensively taught over the past three decades, specializing in soft-sk ...

Amar Agarwala Poems

Coffin Speaks

My hollowed casket is empty
Awaiting a withered shell,
My wooden lid is askance

Bidding Adieu

No song I have my blessed child
No thoughts which could bid adieu,
As you travel to yonder world

The Walnut Tree

As I passed my wicket fence
The ageing walnut tree,
Showered me with withered leaves
And said something to me;

Once Upon Those Summer Days

I remember those summer days
When I passed by your winding lane,
Gay blossomed cottage where you lived
Vines adorning your window pane.

A Different Profession

No one yet knows my new calling
Now that my profile has changed,
I reside in a cemetery
A settlement prearranged.

Amar Agarwala Quotes

05 January 2016

Begin a new page In your life, Consign to the past Your aches & strife!

10 April 2016

WHAT POETRY DOES Sun lights up the world A lamp lights up a room But a poet's stirring verses Erases all my gloom!

10 April 2016

THE PRIMROSE Promised a Primrose Where the pathways bend That it shall await me Until Summers' end.

13 April 2016

Like florets spread unseen in the woods My verses unread by my love Someday their fragrance will reach her too Be it here, or heavens above.

03 May 2016

WORDS & PAUSES More effective than words That could bring us applause, Is when in between them There is a rightly timed pause.

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Shar Senor 02 January 2018

January 2,2018 Dear Mr. Agarwala, I was looking for a poem about the coming of winter and found your beautiful poem today. At least, I think it is yours. It was in the comments section of another poem, and now I can't find it. Here Comes Winter But I did find you. Thank you for your touching poem.

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