Once Upon Those Summer Days Poem by Amar Agarwala

Once Upon Those Summer Days

Rating: 4.6

I remember those summer days
When I passed by your winding lane,
Gay blossomed cottage where you lived
Vines adorning your window pane.

It brings back olden memories
Of those times that I spent with thee,
When summers' long had golden hues
Sweet sunshine much kinder to me.

Those cotton clouds like wool of sheep
Winds whispering into my ear,
To pause under the maples green
Heart longing for you to appear.

And often on your garden path
When you would tread out of your door,
My heart would leap upon my eyes
Its hammering a mad uproar.

Your shadow on soft dew-kissed grass
Approaching like a hunter's snare,
Your golden mane and flapping dress
And that quivering morning air.

Smile lulling like a summer rose
That magic in your hazel eyes,
My soul would prance with ecstasy
Like the bees and the butterflies.

Your unsaid words and lashes long
Treading a longer way to school,
We never ever said goodbyes
It was another of our rule.

So full of joy were our languid days
Sweet nothings under summer shade,
Pelting stones near the waters edge
Holding hands on the promenade.

I still can feel your nearness warm
Passioned kisses lingering long,
Shy stars and moon harking close
To the wind and its lilting song.

Then I knew not what fate had penned
The day when we would cruelly part,
It was my greatest tragedy
To watch you silently depart.

And now I pass these autumn days
With a heart that is cold and grey,
I still pause near your maple tall
For its leaves have something to say.

They say we bid not our byes
Promises once made to be kept,
They say they know my pain within
And they know how my heart has wept.

They tell me that your phantom lives
In that house now crumbled and old,
So I stare at your window pane
That your shadow I may behold.

I wish could tell my wayward mind
And explain to this heart of mine,
Your shadow will cross not that path
Near this jaded garden of thine.

The grass now coarse would softer be
Lush seasons had a loving plea,
When blue skies had a mystic hue
In those days when you were with me.

Now thoughts smother my living days
Burrowing deep into my soul,
Come summers' or the winter snow
Theirs enacting a haunting role.

I know not why my time stops here
Where my past and future collide,
Present wrapped in a satin shroud
With wreaths it endeavours to hide.

No farewell did we ever say
Small mercies of the heavens high,
I yet find you within my heart
Your mirthful smile and breathless sigh.

I walk back into falling dusk
Imagining you are beside,
Fate bestowed not togetherness
But it would on the other side.

Once Upon  Those Summer Days
Saturday, April 9, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: love and life

The best love stories are unsaid, unread and often incomplete. And that is what makes it different from any other feeling or emotion. It is not a two-way exchange, perhaps it was meant to be - for then it would have been reduced to a 'barter' than perhaps it would not be love but something else.

Poets and writers are blessed to understand and write about this tender and divine emotion, unfortunately they are forever at the receiving end of it. Yet, they are born givers, and isn't love about giving without wanting in return...?
Tapan M. Saren 09 April 2016

Black olden memories... Well written

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Amar Agarwala 10 April 2016

Would not call them - Black Memories - they are sweet memories, and yes they are old. Thank you for reading... Tapan!

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Anjali V S 24 May 2019

Fate bestowed not togetherness/ but it would on the other side. loved the poem full of light and green. thanks

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Walterrean Salley 15 February 2018

A beautiful, nostalgic poem. Enjoyed very much.

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Chinedu Dike 08 February 2017

Lovely rendition of words to utmost justice. Insightful love poem elegantly brought forth in beautiful rhyme scheme from inner recesses of the heart with conviction. Thanks for sharing Amar.

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Amar Agarwala 12 February 2017

Many thanks Chinedu... for reading and liking these verses. Your appreciation means a lot.

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Anjali V S 10 April 2016

this poem can be seen from the Eco-feminist point of view as well. nice write.

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Amar Agarwala 10 April 2016

Thank you Anjali... for your finding time to read my verses and for your kind words.

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Anil Kumar Panda 10 April 2016

What a beautiful love poem. A sad ending but straight from heart. Liked it.

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Amar Agarwala 10 April 2016

Thank you as always... Anil.

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