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I cry and cry and I shed my tears because they over come my fears,

they over come my pain of life and they put me to rest when I feel life is fading away,

We meet in hurt room 666 did I do right or did I mess up again who cares?

I don’t life is messed up who really cares I don’t I wouldn’t dare.

As I sit here reading my book the wind begins to wrestle and the leaves begin to dance as if they were putting on a show

They twirled this way and spun that way like dancers making a story with there movements across the meadow trail

Emotions are weak when your always alone
Jealousy is worthless if there’s no one to care
Love is stupid if you have no one to hold you heart
Hatred is some thing that’s good in life

A close friend made this for me. Enjoy!

Love is every where but hard to find
When I lost it my heart untwined

Love is a true gift
Given from above

Love is all around

In the distance a horn blows in the night and a solder heeds its call

He says good bye to all his loved ones and all hell leave behind

After a hectic day of lectures and essays I lay in the grass and stare into the space

Then I slowly dosed off or I think that was the case and woke up in a field with a wooden fence blocking the sun from my face

As the days, nights, hours, minutes, seconds, go by forever you stand right by my side,

As the cars, people, ands animals cross our paths you shield and protect me as if I were glass,

This is a warning just to let you know soon you will be breaking soon you’ll be hit with another blow,

im sorry im doing this to you again but my mind keeps racing on I beg of you not to shatter until he is gone,

Many years ago a baby was born the infants days was hated and the darkness swarmed.

The baby's life will be hated tell the arrival of his death,
he will destroy the world and all its hope until the days had ended and left,

How can you love me
After all that I’ve said
After all that I’ve done
After all the pain


Darkness surrounds me so vary cold crushing my soul it has its hold

wrapped up so tightly no chance to escape form life’s most firry cape
I feel its grasp breaking away then a warm feeling floods my face

My gentle slow suicide is what I think about every day,
my life is nothing but another no one feels my pain,

I though about just running away but that wont do anything except give me more days in this place,

My life is screwed my days are dome I need to die to have some fun

I need to die and leave this place and meet my father face to face!


Don’t cry for me when im dead and gone. It’s over and now Im through.

When you had me here you did me wrong and was disappointed in me when I tried to stay strong. So don’t cry now that im gone.

The windows were open and I tried to see in,
then you seen me and opened your doors to let me see your world,

you showed me in, I went through your fiery gates not even once did I hesitate, pass the gates there was a room that showed me my future and my fate.


Love is hurt turned inside out, though it is easy for some and hard for others, we all find this out at one point in our lives,

our heart is our only guide, follow it and then you will see your future was meant to be.

Role of thunder hear my cry hear my suffer hear my plead hear my wish hear my blame see my suffering fill my pain,

see my torture make it stop! ,

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I show what i want you to see in me, if you know who i am personally you dont even know me, sometimes i feel as if i dont know myself. I am 13 years old and when im around people im a happy person but when im alone i become the real me.. sad, depressed, scared, angry.. some may not understand me but others might see they feel the same way.)

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I cry and cry and I shed my tears because they over come my fears,

they over come my pain of life and they put me to rest when I feel life is fading away,

they comfort me when im sick, they cheer me up when I want to quit

my tears are my life my tears are my friends and they’ll comfort me to the end.

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