Amir Hosein Abdolmalaki

Amir Hosein Abdolmalaki Poems

1. Wake Up 8/10/2015
2. Sad Lol 8/10/2015
3. I Wish I Could... 8/14/2015
4. Who's With Me? 8/14/2015
5. Begin Again 8/14/2015
6. Stopping! Not Any More 8/16/2015
7. I'M Blue Here 8/16/2015
8. God, Watch Me 8/22/2015
9. Journey 11/30/2015
10. I'm Fine 1/24/2016
11. Can't Breathe 2/18/2016
12. Where Am I? 8/9/2015
13. Liar 1/24/2016
Best Poem of Amir Hosein Abdolmalaki

Where Am I?

Where is my star, when does it come?
I ask sky but it looks dumb

there is no light and days like night
there is no color, just black and white

what, what happened, I quit the fight
what, what happened, my aims flew away like a kite

Can't go on more, some tabs or some rope
I fucking hate the life without hope

It's not going, it should be cut
Bitter finish or sweet restart, but

a loud sound is in my ear
tells go your way without fear

Tells yea, your paper's been black
but if you wanna write again, so make some blank

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