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Ana L Alvarado Poems

1. Violin 4/20/2015
2. Loud Love 4/20/2015
3. Me 4/20/2015
4. The Moon And Her 4/20/2015
5. Pain 4/20/2015
6. Lost 4/20/2015
7. Found 4/20/2015
8. No Sound 4/20/2015
9. Selfish 4/23/2015
10. Home 4/23/2015
11. Bitter Sweet 4/23/2015
12. Life 4/23/2015
13. Beautiful You 4/23/2015
14. New Beginning 5/12/2015
15. Someone 5/12/2015
16. Scared 5/12/2015
Best Poem of Ana L Alvarado

Loud Love

Love lied so loud
It screamed in my head
Let me go! let me go!
I refuse! i say
So i locked that love away.
Yet every day, every night the loudness of it kept me from sleep.
So i set it free

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I myself forgot who i am just to feel what i can't be.
I look around and find a fake me.
am I looking for me?
I close my eyes and assure myself i am me again.
What exactly does me mean?
I forgot who i was or who i want to be.

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