Anas Affan Poems

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My Past Night

It was my past night
Country people were died

I was in the bay

To My Teacher

I see in this site
With a lovely pleasure sight
Of a thousands of likes
with that she shines in her life

Voice Of The Grave

Oh! my daughter, Oh! my son
Don't forget me beneath the sun

He made by me, She made by me

Where Are You

Oh! My beauty, oh! My beauty
Where are you, where are you
It's my duty, it's my duty
To be with you, be with you

Waiting For You

I excluded searching for the proper relationship
I am out to catch an honest kinship

Should be one, I must fall for

Do You Discern Me?

Do you ken a soul of forlornness and one permeated with strain,
Breathing a life with zot to gain,
Enclosed by shadiness, vanquished with grief.
A life without peace with no one to complaint.

Intimacy Means

Intimacy means being there just to be there.
Intimacy means listening and not querying questions.
Intimacy means lending your shoulder for someone to cry on.
Intimacy means being convenient around each other in stillness.

Side By Side

If you sense there's nix to do,
If you sense no one's here for you,
Turn your mind and peek at me,
Because by your side, I'll ever be.

I Considered Until

I considered that I'd seen a glamour
I considered I'd endorsed grace,
I considered that I'd known love
Until I gazed upon your face.

But When I Clashed You

Before I affront you,
I sense that I couldn't like anyone,
That nothing would be apt to fill the bereft in my heart,
But that all bartered when I clash you.

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