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It was my past night
Country people were died

I was in the bay

I see in this site
With a lovely pleasure sight
Of a thousands of likes
with that she shines in her life

Oh! my daughter, Oh! my son
Don't forget me beneath the sun

He made by me, She made by me

Oh! My beauty, oh! My beauty
Where are you, where are you
It's my duty, it's my duty
To be with you, be with you

I excluded searching for the proper relationship
I am out to catch an honest kinship

Should be one, I must fall for

Do you ken a soul of forlornness and one permeated with strain,
Breathing a life with zot to gain,
Enclosed by shadiness, vanquished with grief.
A life without peace with no one to complaint.

Intimacy means being there just to be there.
Intimacy means listening and not querying questions.
Intimacy means lending your shoulder for someone to cry on.
Intimacy means being convenient around each other in stillness.

If you sense there's nix to do,
If you sense no one's here for you,
Turn your mind and peek at me,
Because by your side, I'll ever be.

I considered that I'd seen a glamour
I considered I'd endorsed grace,
I considered that I'd known love
Until I gazed upon your face.

Before I affront you,
I sense that I couldn't like anyone,
That nothing would be apt to fill the bereft in my heart,
But that all bartered when I clash you.

Your grin hatch me grin
Your laugh makes me laugh,
Your eyes are siren,
Which make my thoughts seem daft.

A fascinating queen with eyes on fire,
That sparkle and chuckle, that can smile and scream,
I am fond of your eyes, so clear and true.
Dazzling queen, I adore you.

The manner your hair falls on your face,
The manner your smile is epizootic
The manner you laugh can make a pessimistic man happy,
The manner you carry yourself with grace and class,

My soul is painful waiting for you,
I live as an orphan but parents alive.
You are the angel of this guy,
I know you are angry but listen for a while,

I have eternally felt lone except when with you.
This is the tone of my tender heart and admit it's true.
You downpour your fondness on me for a very little duration.
I don't know how I will knob this dishearten separation.

Just chattering to you, frame my early bright.
Just seeing you on the cusp, sets my daylight.
And being close to you frames my soul pound
You make me so glad, got my excitement beating throughout.

Express the fact and do not lie.
Is something dusky, betwixt you and I?

I've perceived switch in the latter past


I have a mystic crush
Folk say it ought to be lust

This Miss is so kind

Missing you is like a sun without shine
or a broken heart full of pain.

Every day I think and night I dream of you.

The guardians read down from eden
They go through for miles afar,
And deep inside the span
They could see a gleaming star.

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My Past Night

It was my past night
Country people were died

I was in the bay
In search of milky way

But I can't find a way
Like a bat in a day

She stands in the paradise
Looking with a pleasure sight

It was a dark night
She shines very bright

Like a diamond in the night
Like a stars which guide

She comes from the hight
And hugs me very tight

It is an ugly morn.
My beloved has gone

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