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Some dreams reside within our minds,
In corners where they hide and bind.
While some wander in the mountains, high and steep,
And dive into the depths of the ocean, deep.

I stepped out with a mask in place,
To see the humans face to face.
But all I saw were creatures masked,
Walking on two legs like humans tasked.


In a heart where loathing dwells,
Where games are played so sly,
Who has come and who foretells,
And when will truth outvie?


You changed me, awakened my soul,
Filled my life with colors and goals.
They showed me a world beyond my dreams,
But you didn't love me, or so it seems.


I am a bird, wild and free,
I'll soar where my heart desires to be.

With every beat of my wings,


In laughter and tears,
In joy and sorrow,
I'll be your strength,
I'll be your tomorrow.

In dreams we find a world unknown,
Where hope and joy have firmly grown.
We spread our wings and take to flight,
Through skies of wonder and delight.


Look into someone's eyes, and see beyond the pain,
See the hazy silhouette that they try to contain.
See the blue kohl, and the tears that fall,
And know that they've survived, they've conquered it all.

I forgot you, or so I thought,
But my mind still wanders to you a lot.
My heart is torn and my soul is afraid,
Because of the love we shared and the price I paid.

I love the wind that blows your hair,
To my nose, it brings a fragrance rare.
The gentle breeze, it whispers a song,
And carries your essence, all along.

Who is the rapist, what is his identity?
It's not just one person, it's a mentality.
A mentality that needs to be changed,
So women can walk free, unafraid and unchained.

A poetess, I found so rare,
Cute or sweet? I can't compare.
Her thoughts soar high above the crowd,
A poetess, unique and proud.


I wish to pen a poem with soul,
One that speaks of our love as a whole,
A verse in which your hair's fragrance is bound,
And one that sings with the tinkle of your anklets' sound.

Her eyes, ablaze with thought so deep,
Speak of secrets that others long to keep.
Poetry echoes within her scarlet spheres,
As if a world within a world appears.

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Some dreams reside within our minds,
In corners where they hide and bind.
While some wander in the mountains, high and steep,
And dive into the depths of the ocean, deep.

Some dreams mix with clouds, and fall as rain,
A refreshing shower, washing away pain.
While some witness destruction, with great force,
A warning to change, a deviation from the course.

Some dreams wander in the mountains high,
Scaling great heights, reaching for the sky.
While some are trapped in tricky puzzles,
Challenging our minds, testing our struggles.

Some dreams go to Siberia, to taste the wind,
A journey to the unknown, a path to find.
And some keep searching for you,
Repeating themselves, hoping to come true.

These dreams, so varied and unique,
Are what make our minds and hearts seek.
They give us hope, and make us yearn,
To explore this world, and its every turn.

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Anas Khan Quotes

I look into your eyes and see the world beyond compare. With a mere glance, I perceive nothing but deserts and darkness.

Life is a canvas. Paint it with love, laughter and all the colors of your soul.

I yearn to be the pitter-patter of the rain, Creating a rhythm that washes away pain.

We are often caught up in temporary things and confused about what truly matters, but we still hold onto our emotions and desires.

Reflect on your actions in the mirror of your conscience, as only then can you truly see the impact of your choices on yourself and those around you.

True connection requires presence, not just proximity.

Let's focus on the present, and let the future unfold. Let's choose to be content, and let joy take a hold.

In the midst of darkness deep, I found a light that I could keep. It shone bright and led the way, To a brighter tomorrow and a new day.

Blaming and cursing others for our mistake is like throwing stones in a glass house. If the mistake is ours, we must bear the consequences alone without blaming anyone else.

Stare into the mirror of time, and ask yourself - are you not cruel? Only the honest will have the courage to answer.

A mind that conjures magic and wonder, A soul that seeks beauty in every thunder.

Life is a journey, not a destination. Embrace the twists and turns, and make every mile count on the road to your dreams.

When two entities merge into one, they transcend the limitations of the physical world. Their essence remains forever intertwined, beyond the reach of time and space. No law of the material world can fully comprehend the beauty and complexity of their union.

Every end has a path to beget, a new chance to grow and forget. Endings are but a mere illusion, for in the grand cycle of life, every conclusion marks the genesis of something new. The remnants of the past pave the way for a future yet untold, and so the end becomes the starting point of endless possibilities.

Lost love is not the end of the world, but the beginning of a new adventure to find what truly sets your soul on fire.

Playing hide-and-seek with time is a futile game. No matter how cleverly we try to hide, it always finds us in the end. Instead, let's embrace every moment as it comes. Time is a precious gift that cannot be regained once lost.

I am the tears, that bring relief, cleansing the soul, of all its grief.

True love isn't measured by the presents we give or the occasions we celebrate, but by the depth of our connection and the constancy of our affection.

Love is the essence of humanity, the unifying force that connects us all regardless of race, religion, or culture. It reminds us that we are not just individuals, but interconnected beings with a shared capacity for compassion and kindness. It is the one thing that can conquer hate and bridge the divides that separate us. It is through love that we find meaning and purpose in our lives, and that we can truly fulfill our potential as human beings.

Love is not bound by a single day on a calendar. It is the daily actions, words, and gestures of affection that we give to those we love that truly matter. True love is not dependent on a specific date or occasion, but rather on the consistent effort and commitment we make to show our love and appreciation for one another.

I dance with the wind, and feel its embrace, in a sky so vast, with no time or space.

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