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Long time fan of horror and anime series/films, any genres in music as long as it sounds very loud, tattoos, animals of any kind, even cockroaches, collecting figure statues, books especially DC and Marvel, pc and playstations games. What else? Almost travel the world six out of seven continents related to my job and writing poem isn't really my ho ...

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Immoral Writings In Distinctive Style

When the mind is in wonder of chaos
The creation becomes pure insanity
Acquiring the gift of beauty in throes
In a decent dark artistic integrity


A-lways in a self
D-estructive state because of
D-oing what you love most
I-t's like reaching heaven but

The Knife Is Up

One, two, three
Better run and hide
In the basement or behind the tree
Four, five, six


They tried to kill this shape-shifter for years
But it seemed they can't figure this creature
It gave this peaceful town unending fears
Unknown to all this could be my teacher

12 Lines Implying Lady Bathory

She is a noblewoman from a noble family
Owned a land in the kingdom of Hungary
Behind her beauty that no one can deny
Is the caused of the huge public outcry

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