Aneena Elza Binod Poems

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Two, Seven Or Even A Thousand.

Theme: As the dark-haired prince dived into the depths of the ocean to save the drowning young maiden, he was hit by the emotional charge of a déjà vu. He stopped for a second underwater as a series of images flashed across his mind, only to snap out of it immediately and make his way towards the damsel in distress. As he grabbed her long, luscious locks and wrapped his arm around her neck to pull her to the surface, their eyes interlocked. The magnetic force of attraction between them in that instant was intense. A gazillion thoughts condensed into a moment and time stood still. His strong arms pulled her up to the surface and into his boat. She coughed and spluttered and laid there in exhaustion.

Azure skies of the oceanside

Into The Wild Blue Yonder.

Hardly a clue was revealed,
On how blue she felt,
Until they stumbled upon
Her lifeless grotesque body.

Golden Zucchini.

Amber and hazel swirled into each other
Like a tornado of blinding iridescence
To forge a gaze as tranquil as the setting sun
In the unfathomable sea, facing her kitchen.


Seeped into her system like malice,
Making it hard for her to dismiss,
Entwined in each other's arms
Lay coffee and cigar,