Angel's lyre Poems

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My First Love

Evening, tender evening...
I could feel the summer breeze
Touching my face, caressing.
Oh, tender breeze...

God Is Everywhere

Temples are God's prisen
all over the world
As if God lives there
locked by worshipmen

Miss You So Much!

Do you remember the days
When we promised one-another
To love and to forgive forever
To be happy with each other?

Hey, You

Hey greedy man, hey displeased man
Your mind is long, your life is short!
How many people passed like you
Before you and in front of you?

Invite Jesus Into Your Life

Do you want to be glad
When there is nothing to be glad at?
Do you want to be happy?
Invite Him into your life!

Light In The End

No pain, no suffer,
Seems to have no sign of loss
My heart like a cold stone
Seems to say 'everything's gone'.

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