God Is Everywhere Poem by Angel's lyre

God Is Everywhere

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Temples are God's prisen
all over the world
As if God lives there
locked by worshipmen
Surely He smiles freely
at everyone everywhere
But look at the mind
of the pitiable man!

Ejaz Khan 21 July 2009

I agree, God is everywhere, but the places of worship can have their own significances. A good write!

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Angel's lyre 21 July 2009

Some people think that God lives only in the temples and they can worship Him only there, that's why I've written this poem

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Crystal Pratt 21 July 2009

so true

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Marcella D 24 July 2009

that's really nice, come and read my poems ty, and ty for worshiping god

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Indira Renganathan 09 August 2009

Fantastic starting...one should imprison God in one's heart only...great...thanks

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Dr Antony Theodore 26 September 2015

Surely He smiles freely at everyone everywhere Temples are prisons to lock up God. good, i smiled when i read it. in such short verses you talking about a reality. thank you very much

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Ciarán Kelly 24 October 2009

To tell you the truth, you really are a poet and a fine one at that! Your ideas are clear and thought-provoking. I agree with you on the temple thing and being man-made structures believe God would be more prevalent in a simple rustic scene untouched by the ways of the world!

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Samanyan Lakshminarayanan 20 October 2009

some times why many a times i have felt god is not there in our places of worship in our places of worship or our places of worship we have made them to make god god is our making that was a poem inspired by ours your thougt is very close to mine

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Prakash Mehra 13 October 2009

Good poem. Of course, god is everywhere. nice work.

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Akram Awadat 11 October 2009

good poem, that's really nice

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