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I call myself an Environmentalist, Feminist and Social Activist. Really just an old hippie that can't let go of the dream. I like to write about the world I see that moves me and to read other poets work - a window into the world they see.
My work is for my great, great grandchildren. I hope they will be able to feel this place in time by reading my poems.

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Just Say Yes

Say no to hate and violence.

Say no to greed and selfishness.

Say no to corruption and abuse of power.

Say no to prejudice.

Say no to lies and slander.

Say no to war and slavery.

Say no to homelessness and hunger.

Say no to desperate poverty.

Change the course of history.


Say yes to truth and justice.

Say yes to dignity and grace.

Say yes to sharing and compassion.

Say yes to peace.

Say yes to mercy and forgiveness.

Say yes to wisdom and integrity.

Say yes to strength and hope eternal.

Say yes to racial harmony.

Celebrate humanity.


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Angela Michel Popularity

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