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you've used me
and you've broken my heart
now you want me back
but i'm not yours to have

these empty walls have much to say
about stories of the past
no one would have ever known
if they never would have last

i can't say this in any other way
but without you i'm lost
knowing what to always say to you
i fell as if i'm free

For every love
There will be heartache that follows
Although it seems like it will last
It ends within a second

All I am to you
Is just another night
Just someone to sleep with
Not someone to kiss goodnight

You say you want to see me
But I still have yet to see you
Lying and betrayal
Seems to be all that you have left

so many broken promises
so many things left unsaid
knowing that i still love you
brings my heart to pieces

Looking in your blueish-green eyes
Makes me miss you more
Can't stand to be sitting here
Without you holding me in your arms

Can't take it anymore
Lost and not yet found
Trying to find a place that's safe
Looking for warmth

I couldn't get by
If you weren't there pushing me
You've gotten me through the toughest times
And you were there when I needed someone there

The long nights waited
And the nights lying awake
Need to find a way out
So she doesn't sufficate

you left without me saying goodbye
leaving me heartbroken
not being able to say ' i love you' one last time
leaves me sitting here crying

Trying so hard,
To forget my past.

Tired Of The Lies
So tired of the tears

I'm sitting here pondering
Why did I do it

Sitting Here

Tears Streaming Down My Face

So that's it
It's all done and over
Not knowing what to say
I turn around trying not to look back

Trying so hard to forget my past
Trying to leave you behind
Thinking of ways to let you go
But there's no sign of me letting go

My biggest mistake was you
But somehow I don't regret
Now I'm stuck in a bind
That could change my life forever

never thought that i would be the one
who fell in love so easy
knowing that i don't want to
but you had my heart at the start

Angie Fye Biography

My name is Angie Fye, I grew up in Canton, Ohio and am still currently living there. I am 17 years old and have been writing since I was 8. I would have to say that I write on my own experiences and how I feel. A lot of people think my poetry is dark, and emotional, but I think it's deep and moving.)

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You'Ve Broken My Heart

you've used me
and you've broken my heart
now you want me back
but i'm not yours to have
you've played me
as if i was just a toy
i can't take much more heartbreak
because you've broken my heart so many times before
now i sit and wait
for you to make your next move
not knowing what you will do or say
i worry about what i'll do
i fall for you every time
but now i see who you really are
a coniving conartist
caught up in all your scams
you have done nothing but hurt yourself
and those who are around you
knowing that you will never change
i look at you with shame

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Angie Fye Popularity

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