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Eight years old,
thats when we met
you chiped my tooth
and we became best friends

Cant you heal this broken heart,
maybe not completely
I understand if that just cant be
just perhaps stop the pain?

Not an angel in heaven
not a demon in hell
not a person on earth
that knows me as well

When confusion starts
And your rhythm stops,
When suspicion sets in,
And trust steps out


I paint my smile
on my face,
draw my emotions
down, and color

I refuse to back down
not gonna let them win now
They willl NEVER see
all the hurt and pain they cause me

look up at the moon
at night
and close your eyes
ill be there,

in vain i kept my tears
from weeping
in vain i clutch my heart
from every rain dropp leaking

You think you have
the colors down,
two sides left,
like a frown,


If you say one thing
and mean a whole other
we are gonna have an issue
so say what you mean,

I'm thankfull for...
my friends who are my family
and the person i love, who loves me.
i thank god for his mercy

you hit your head a little hard
and now all of your thoughts are marred
for a sec you dont know where you are
you say your ok and go about your day

I dont know
there i admitt it
i just dont know...

fake smile on my face
im refusing to break
i can do better than this
who the hell do you think i am?


i dont think it likes me
it allways eludes me
when i close my eyes

A night for wiches...
Goblilns. and gouls
A night for candy
Grimlocks and fools

Little girl.
Little girl
I know it hurts
All the things that happen

If i gotta be her
thats okay with me,
if i gotta be ten feet tall
i'll grow, you'll see,

Sourounded and stranded,
confinened within my own head
emotions that scream -
im better off dead

To a ghost form my past
theres a question i must ask,
why do you haunt me so?
I have to know.

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I was first introduced to poetry by my seenth grade english teacher. She introduced me to both that and mythology. both of wich i immensly enjoy. Ussually i wouldnt count this as such a big deal, but actually it is, Poetry was what first started pulling me out of my depression, and then i started waking up and pulling myself out of the abyss. Poetry saved my life. As wierd as it sounds. I have found that its allways around me. And that words are what keep me going. Well actually, now alot of things keep me going but poems keep me in check. They are like a tunel to yourself. They can be about anything, ur favorite place, your family, your friends, ur heart, and ur dreams. they can be serious and they can be silly. They are You, and i try not to forget that. MY poems are Me.)

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Emily Thomas

Eight years old,
thats when we met
you chiped my tooth
and we became best friends
i know you, or at least i knew
your birthdays june.
you died too soon,
its january, you just died
frome 1997 to 2012
why'd you do it Em?
what was so bad?
that not even your best friend
could help?
suicide. death by rope.
just a week ago,
you sat with me
eating peanut butter on my porch
laughing at nick names we gave
the ones WE made
your eyes wernt sad,
You Werent Even Mad! !
it it becasue you miss your dad?
what about your locket you had,
the one they dug out
E.T. im sorry! but i love you too!
PLEASE come back!
i NEED you!
your like my sister!
you ARE my sister!
dont leave me alone!
i miss you, come home!
all i can think about,
is when we were 8,
E.T. its silver,
i just dont know
what to say!
exect that i miss you...
and ill be okay...
i know its not fair,
and you cant come home,
but i'll allways member,

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