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I was first introduced to poetry by my seenth grade english teacher. She introduced me to both that and mythology. both of wich i immensly enjoy. Ussually i wouldnt count this as such a big deal, but actually it is, Poetry was what first started pulling me out of my depression, and then i started waking up and pulling myself out of the abyss. Poetr ...

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Emily Thomas

Eight years old,
thats when we met
you chiped my tooth
and we became best friends

Arrow Through The Heart

Cant you heal this broken heart,
maybe not completely
I understand if that just cant be
just perhaps stop the pain?

Wings And Brands

Not an angel in heaven
not a demon in hell
not a person on earth
that knows me as well


When confusion starts
And your rhythm stops,
When suspicion sets in,
And trust steps out


I paint my smile
on my face,
draw my emotions
down, and color

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