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The song of the cat is

Survive, survive

Rose Lily was a very nice girl

A very nice girl indeed

Don't cry

Golden-haired daughter,

We surf the ether

(net! !)

Dream of the angel
Just for a while
Be the angel
Smile his smile

There was a dog.

He was big, and black, and woolly

Devils are nasty and they stink

They make you so angry

Water in autumn light

Rolls silky, fat, gleaming

Treetops waving gently

To the azure sky

Take me to that land

Where everyone is beautiful



Stamp, snort, clatter

Rainbow' s End
I thought that I might be
A cut above the rest
But now it seems, you're telling me, I'm only second best

, .

It's late at night, you can't sleep
Your eyes are crossed you start to weep

Your howling need

Everlasting emptiness

My name is Mr. Dingle and I'm terribly polite

And I hope my speaking to you will not give you a fright,

A quoi ça sert, l’amour? Oh what's the use of love
On raconte toujours That falls from heav'n above
Des histoires insensées When those fine tales you hear
A quoi ça sert d’aimer? Can only bring you tears

A silly bouncing boisterousness

A wagging friendly tail

Round the back

And down the track

Itchy wants to scratch

Hungry wants to eat

This creature

That you think

Anita Wisniewska Biography

Started writing at age 18 or so. Caused by inability to communicate as most others seem to. Or a link to the metaphysical world? Creativity finds me rather than vice versa. Later poems at least have happy endings, or point to some kind of salvation. My 'Shadow' or negative poems are prefixed with a 'z' so as to relegate them to the back page. I have a B.A. in French/Russian from LSE, London UK. Both parents dead, my father was a Spitfire pilot who came to Uk in WW2. My mother a poor, sad, kind, impoverished English gentlewoman of good family. I have one son. I also write songs, on Myspace and Youtube, under the name 'Bonjazza'. I live in a small rented flat in London, but my love is the countryside, horse riding once a week keeps misery at bay. Have worked in education as tutor, teaching assistant, English to foreigners teacher. My Poemhunter experience: what you read is actually a reflection of yourself: gravitate to misery, and you will get more of the same; gravitate to joyful poem titles, and you will find more happiness. I've met some very interesting and lovely people on the site from all over the world! Fantastic! Long live Poemhunter. updated 01 March 2009.)

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The song of the cat is

Survive, survive

The game of the cat is

Staying alive

The love of the cat is

To be sleek and to thrive

To crouch, to creep

To pounce and to dive

To rip helpless feathers

With claws of steel knives

Then to stretch and to purr,

To snooze on plump thighs

To be stroked and caressed,

Admired with sighs

To dream savage dreams

Behind curtained eyes

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Ranjan Kumar Ghosh 18 September 2017

Very lovely and very nice

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