Best One Poem by Anita Wisniewska

Best One

Rating: 4.8

There was a dog.

He was big, and black, and woolly

- And he bit people.

I liked him a lot,

But our family had to move, and he was shot.

My father had bright blue eyes

I thought he knew everything.

He used to hit the dog with a stick,

And once he put a live crab in my mother's bed,

She didn't think it was funny.

I was sorry for crabs,

They were boiled alive,

And couldn't even cry out,

Only hiss and bubble.

The aunts were always arguing
They had prickly cactus on the windowsills

And old dogs with smelly ears.

I didn't care,

I used to watch the sea for hours,

I knew the names of all the cows,

And the best one was named after me.

Khairul Ahsan 12 May 2015

Loved this poem. Tender feelings of childhood, tender thoughts of the past. And the best line is: 'And the best one was named after me' Best wishes....

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Barbara Terry 06 February 2009

Uhm, okay. Well I guess having a childhood filled with these kinds of goings on, can really make a body think. My childhood ended when I was 12. Anyway, you made this sound lighthearted, even though some of the things weren't. Thank you for sharing. A 10+ Love & hugs, Barbara

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