Rose Lily Poem by Anita Wisniewska

Rose Lily

Rating: 5.0

Rose Lily was a very nice girl

A very nice girl indeed

But she was always wanting

Things she didn't really need.

She saw the moon up in the sky

Stretched out her arms, began to cry

I've simply got to have it

Or I will surely die!

She spied the dog, eating his dinner

'He's too fat, ' she said, 'He should be thinner! '

And though she knew that it was rude

She gobbled all the poor dog's food.

'Don't touch the cooker', Mummy told her

'You'll have to wait until you're older.'

But Lily turned the gas up higher

And soon the kitchen was on fire!

Then one day, Lil went much too far

She thought she'd drive her daddy's car

Had the most gigantic smash!

And Daddy paid a lot of cash.

Now poor Lily sits in jail

From far and near we hear her wail

'Please let me out! Just open the door!

And I'll never do such silly things any more! '

Ranjan Kumar Ghosh 21 September 2017

more! ' Anita Wi very beautiful word and very nice your poem10++++++

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Ency Bearis 10 February 2009

great lesson and experience for Rose Lily...well done..10

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John Mccudden 10 February 2009

ha ha ha love this put a big smile on my face silly little girl but we know a lot of people like this well done on this poem its a 10 from me and thanks for shareing it with us keep up the good work JOHN

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