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Why would I fall for you?
With those ridiculous cargo pants,
You look like a Rambo wannabe,
Get off your high horse,

I never cared until I met you,
I never thought that I was lost until you found me
I never knew myself until I saw my reflection in your eyes

I thought that I could shut the door on you,
Walk away without looking back,
But my feet became heavier
With every step I took

Stolen glances and sweaty palms
Hearts beating faster
Brain chemistry exploding
Heated kisses and tousled hair


There are good days and bad days,
Days you wish would never end
And days that don’t end soon enough
There are days when life is good

I hate you,
I hate myself for loving you
I hate that you don’t know how much
I hate that I wait for you

Oh Lungs,
Why does it feel like I am suffocating?
My chest rises and falls as it should but I cannot breathe
Oh Stomach,

Some days I don’t know what to say to you,
It breaks my heart to see you scared,
And I have no words to make it better
But I will hold your hand

Time is said to heal all wounds,
But how can time heal?
When without you, there are hours within hours
Days within days

At the time it felt as though my chest imploded inward
When he rejected me with such indifference
Each word like the strike of a shovel,
Unearthing the roots of the love that had grown


I have so much to say,
So much of wanting to say,
So much needing to say
Words tumbling out, stumbling,

In hindsight, I should have given you time
But I was so blinded by my own feelings
That I did not take into account yours
I knew about her,


The night air, cool against already chilled flesh,
Lying on the bonnet of my beat up Volkswagen
Waiting for the moon to rise, the car still warm from the drive
I stare up at the stars so small and tired, faded by the city lights

I write your name over and over,
Without pen and paper I carve each letter into my chest
Covered in old scars your name flows in between
It pulses like a barely contained feeling

We met over coffee,
Made small talk,
About the weather, movies and music
But the truth came out in the awkward silences


Wish upon a seed
And love will sprout
Wish upon a flower
And love will bloom

Darkness falls like a slow and painful death
Malicious shadows cloaked in black
Writhing in darkness
The witching hour has begun

Give me just a small space in your heart,
You would hardly know I'm there,
Let me stay there quietly
Think only of me

You think you’re so cool,
With your Rambo pants and hipster hat on
Smiling secrets at me
Don’t think for a minute


I’d forgotten again today
To buy coffee and sugar
But I remembered the sound of your laugh
And then I forgot to pay my rent

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Doesn'T Matter

Why would I fall for you?
With those ridiculous cargo pants,
You look like a Rambo wannabe,
Get off your high horse,
You’re shorter than me,
I’d never be able to wear heels,
It doesn’t matter that my heart beats faster,
Or that my palms feel sweaty,
It doesn’t matter that you look at me like I’m the only one,
You’re not my type, so take a hike
It doesn’t matter that you make me feel nervous,
And my breath catches when you’re near
You listen to Metallica and I listen to Beethoven’s 9th
Crazy is what you make me, with your stupid hat on
When the son isn’t even shining
It doesn’t matter that I can listen to you all day
Sit by your side and let the world go by
It doesn’t matter that that my mind plays tricks
And I see you everywhere,
In the supermarket
In the parking lot
In my favorite café
Let me be,
And close the door of my heart when you leave.

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