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i love this one
hands abend a knee, battle love
cutting hair
I love this one, never will i let you go.

i see this, this wonderful man of mine.A man i love
the blue sky in his eyes...storms chase the grass
skin off of heart.somehow beaten and torn
some how the smile can shine through this saddened face

My daughter
to who i love
love is deep like her long hair, so blond and fair
her smile like the sun

oh how the wind blows oh so free, but i love you. Secretly i hold.
The wind flows though my hair and fills me with new life.

But the wind it tears down the earth with just a breath. The wind changes and never stand still in one place.

Armor of a warrior.
screams across the distance
Darkness all around this warrior, shadows standing with an angry smile.
Die, DIE, death and Destruction.

'youll be fine! ', said my mom in a calm tone of voice.

I was sitting in my mom warm car, look out at the passanger seat window.Out that window was my new school. The school Id been waiting all summer to go to. My older school was a very small, private school. Im mean this school was extreemly small, to the point that the average people in each class was about 15 students. My old school was also very strict, catholic school.To also a point were we went to chapel every sunday and even had religious class everyday.

singing all around... to an angel she see
a smile comes on her face
brightness on her face, but a dark shaddows lays on her shoulder
a stick lays by her side

look at these scars... all over my face. these scars i try to hide.

these scars are filled with secrets, saddness, and anger. and guess what, my heart is just the same.

White pearls on her neck her mama gave her.
Wearing them proud, walking around
She falls, She looks at the pearls
a tear falls, pearls filled with mud

Look at this.
saying things to this it thinks it loves
look at this.
this beating heart you distroyed, what youve done


look at this girl... taken
to minds taken, thinking of something fake to fill the aching need
to give this away
she wonders why this rice on her place doesnt fill her


She speaks soft and uttering words to the ones who whisper there solom plea.
She sees tears of red blood running down there face. To her she too feels there tears of red blood.
She even crys out feeling the wounded hearts of them, even in the middle of the night.

The stars up above shine light in darkness but this one will shine light everywhere
This one is in white.... all over. Red on this ones face but only love it shows. Love that bleeds for everyone.
There in the distance are people comming, closer...closer.
Awh fills the room for this one is only but wrapped in cloth to save.

To you this is the only
the only, the only
the only one to take this slowy beating heat, and make one
will you pick up like glass so make your fingers bleed


look at this blood on her hands....
look at this blood she sheads for the ones she love
the blood she holds in her hands to hide
look at this blood she holds, tears...anger..pain.. peiced in her hands.

Hello there...
thats all she says
all she wants to say
burning heart inside, she dances

Shaddows of past follow her
look back, how thoughts flow through
to endless mind
she then laughs


She lays here, still. Taking each breath with lack of understanding.

mirror here, mirror there... all around

Faking my sucide, love for all to see... yours
you read this note, the letters
to see
maybe if you were me

She sits here
She closes her eyes
Eyes dripping with Blood
Choking of this very air

anna E Biography

So i am going to continue with my poetry but just at a slower pace then i have been, for all who read my poems weekly.God is amazing.... and by BFF! ! ! :) My poems can sometimes not make sence to people.... and can be a time a tad dark for people. If you want to comment plz do...! ! ! and if u want to know what my poems are taking about, just ask! ! and no im not emo...! ! ! lol!)

The Best Poem Of anna E

Battle Love

i love this one
hands abend a knee, battle love
cutting hair
I love this one, never will i let you go.
Enimie ty to take it away.
My eyes are flashing
Burning eyes, burning
Sounds comming out of this burning mouth.
My eyes now are gold.
Standing, but kneeling
Dead, lieing there
this last battle cry
I hug the one i love with a smile.
Battle Love

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