Annalee Somerville Poems

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Spiritual Journey

Across from the mountains,
A little house sits in the tree's,
I'm lost in tranquility,
As my soul tries to breath.

Wandering Soul

I travel the Earth and the astral plains,
I've lived most my life in guilt and shame,
Shame for the life bestowed on to me,
Guilt for the demons I couldn't set free.

Wolf Spirit

I walked into the darkness of the forest,
I hear the owl calling from way up high in the tree,
The moon creates shadows on the forest floor,
My spirit releases as I run wild and free.

Deer Dreams

Over the distant hills,
In snow thickened grass,
I saw my vision,
I had found my path.

Healing Wind

Wind blows through the plains,
Driven down my soul,
Drowning out the fears,
Beaconing the healing glow,

If I Could...

If I could make a magic wand,
I'd make one just for you,
So that you could create beauty,
On the days you feel so blue.

Spiritual Sister

Sister in Spirit,
Cousin in blood,
Fiery fire warrior,
Sent from above.

Wise Owl

</>It’s time for me said the owl,
Time to take to the sky,
I live my life for others,
And my life slowly passes by.

Cloud Watching

Lit the Sage,
Watched the smoke go by,
Grounded and Centered,
Looked up at the sky.

Unspoken Words

There is nothing in my brain,
That attracts like minded souls.
Naked fingers linger,
On the pedal of the flower...

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