Wolf Spirit Poem by Annalee Somerville

Wolf Spirit

Rating: 5.0

I walked into the darkness of the forest,
I hear the owl calling from way up high in the tree,
The moon creates shadows on the forest floor,
My spirit releases as I run wild and free.

In the center of the forest sits a healing garden,
The raw energy of earthly beings naturally flow,
I sit attuned with Great Bear’s heartbeat,
As my spirit rejoices it’s good to be home.

Approaching me quietly I feel Spirit Wolf,
He fills me with knowledge and lessons,
He sits across from me in the healing garden,
The energy he shares is such a blessing.

Wind picks up and blows through me,
Opening my spirit like leafs in a book,
Great Spirit gently blows on me,
My physical body jolted and shook.

I opened my eyes and saw the moon,
So bright and close to the earth,
I saw the owl take flight to the sky,
I felt the Wolf Spirit disperse.

I gave thanks as I left the healing garden,
For every gift and lesson blessed unto me,
Through each and every lesson that's taught,
My spirit learns peace and how to finally just be.

© 2011 Wind Songs Spiritual Poetry

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