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Carol Of The Birds

Feet that could be clawed but are not ...
Arms that might have flown but did not ...
No one said 'Let there be angels!' but the birds

Poem For A Daughter

'I think I'm going to have it,'
I said, joking between pains.
The midwife rolled competent

A Surprise On The First Day Of School

They give you a desk with a lid, mother.
They let you keep your book.
My desk is next to the window.

False Flowers

They were to have been a love gift,
but when she slit the paper funnel,
they both saw they were fake; false flowers
he'd picked in haste from the store's display,

Sonnets For Five Seasons

This House
Which represents you, as my bones do, waits,
all pores open, for the stun of snow. Which will come,
as it always does, between breaths, between nights

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yoanssa 01 October 2018

come have lick my vajina

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yonas 01 October 2018

you old brat come have with a latino

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Sarah Mkhonza 02 August 2016

I love this poem Anne. It makes us know the joy and gift that exists between mother and daughter. Thanks

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Anne Stevenson (born January 3, 1933) is an American-British poet and writer.
Stevenson's parents Louise Destler Stevenson and C.L. Stevenson met at a Cincinnati High School. They were living in Cambridge, England, where Charles was studying philosophy under I. A. Richards and Wittgenstein, when their first daughter, Anne was born. The family retu ...

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