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One day I will forget her,
In my head for many a long year,
Just when I have a bright idea,
Of how to get out of here.

I have become waterfall,
Flowing over edge,
Man at work in darkened room,
Cloud dispersing raindrops,

The gentle voice,
The mother's choice,
The garden of healing,
The better feeling.

A flutterby went by,
Its wings stretched to eternity,
It settled on a buddhlia,
And I listened not to a scream,

Intertwined and divine,
The roots grow,
Supporting each other,
Through each tide.

Leave the leaves,
And come and look at this.
A frond of a friend,
Beware of the exploding gorse,

Patterned Mosaic,
Saying of Sages,
Leaves in Auditorium,
Numbers and Noises,

Christmas is condensing on the glass
Jack Frost has been at work
Cars speckled with crystal covering
Birds, feathers puffed out,

Arcing across the sky,
A sliver exited orbit,
A disc of certainty,
And a starry surprise.

A Hint of light,
dreams fleeing,
porridge stirring,
work unkeenley beckons.

I was lying on my bed,
Watching a tiny spider,
Spin and fall and climb,
On a silken thread,


On and on I walked,
Out of memory,
Beyond time,
Through my mind,


The drive too fast
The past the future
The perfume the room
The beer the cure

Wind which started as a whisper,
Moves to maelstrom,
Cats cacophany,
And terrific torrents,

Should I speak,
Should I not,
I wish my words to be as gentle as a breath,
As tender as a touch,

Dare I tread,
On this Pond,
For fear of being eaten,
By a stickleback,

Born in the 70's,
There was a time slip,
Back to the future,
I have lived for centuries.

January, missionary waiting in the doorway,
Oblique planes of superreal ice,
Lethe drunk and withered fronds,
February, hearts a quiver,

The dance all night,
To tribal beats,
Danced so hard,
I couldn't feel my feet.

Happens so quick,
Fate gives you the flick,
Visa withdrawn,
And angels mourn.

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Wandered for years-someone gave me a computer-now i write.)

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One day I will forget her,
In my head for many a long year,
Just when I have a bright idea,
Of how to get out of here.

You have no idea what it is like,
Surrounded by a circle,
For half a century,
With one thought dominating your mind.

The seconds tick or should I say the centuries,
By and by with the brevity of watched kettle,
Anticipation of Lucid precipatation,
Cheers the slaked earth's unforgiving sneer....

My only other incoming influence is at night,
When I lay and dissolve into sand,
Seeping into other realms which,
I'm mapping with alarming precision.

So one mistake can cost the earth,
As it turned out, nether alarm,
Nor arm can be released,
Until her love has been relinquished.

Pity pitter patter,
Here comes the release of rain,
A storm maybe, thunder with any luck,
Captured heart, waiting in the dark....

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