anthony sutton Poems

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The wind on the tallest bridge,
Raindrops running down her face,
A scream only heard inside her head,
Grounded, flying, she's lost,


Eyes always watching. A deafening silence only comparable to insanity and suffocating-

Bugs crawling in your skin. Scratching away at nothing from feeling everything-


Locked in a cage nowhere to go,
Wake up everyday at the same time,
Fed every day at the same time,
Let out everyday at the same time,

Blue Jays

My house is filled with darkness.
Windows covered, doors locked, lights off, quiet with no visitors;
except for the Blue Jays.


A blank face nobody knows,
Bad luck is near, said the crows.
The sky darkens and lightning reveals the path.
Far away from a parent's wrath.

House Of Horror

On a random friday a sickness spread throughout the harper family, except for the youngest son,
The son grew up painfully aware of the pain that comes along with morbidity, forever scared of what's next to come. In the blink of an eye everyone could die, everyone could abandon you, everyone could disappear never to be seen again.

Everyday He walks the same lonely path, to the same lonely house. Never experiencing the joy of others to spare the grief inevitable to come. Living a life with nobody is better than living a life losing everyone close to you.


Every action, thought, word, and impulse has intention behind it. Lies told to convince someone into believing in a false reality. Force and pressure to hold you in place, and it's normal, people have it worse so stop feeling sorry for yourself.

Unable to look at yourself in the shower, mirror, or while changing cause he's everywhere, forcing and pressuring you.
"Don't get that it makes you look ugly"

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