House Of Horror Poem by anthony sutton

House Of Horror

On a random friday a sickness spread throughout the harper family, except for the youngest son,
The son grew up painfully aware of the pain that comes along with morbidity, forever scared of what's next to come. In the blink of an eye everyone could die, everyone could abandon you, everyone could disappear never to be seen again.

Everyday He walks the same lonely path, to the same lonely house. Never experiencing the joy of others to spare the grief inevitable to come. Living a life with nobody is better than living a life losing everyone close to you.

Until an angel came. He walked the same lonely path with his angel, and went to the samely lonely house to spend time with his angel. Slowly, the days became happier, and joy entered the boy's life once again. He hadn't experienced happiness like this since his family had died.

But, eventually he blinked one too many times and his angel had vanished. Now the boy is painfully aware that even the strongest angels will eventually fall, and they fall the hardest.

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