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Archibald Lampman, FRSC was a Canadian poet. "He has been described as 'the Canadian Keats;' and he is perhaps the most outstanding exponent of the Canadian school of nature poets." The Canadian Encyclopedia says that he is "generally considered the finest of Canada's late 19th-century poets in English."

Lampman is classed as one of Canada's Confederation Poets, a group which also includes Charles G.D. Roberts, Bliss Carman, and Duncan Campbell Scott.


Archibald Lampman was born at Morpeth, Ontario, a village near Chatham, the son o ...

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Paul Reed 18 December 2013

Haunting and inspriing poetry

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Sylvia Frances Chan 18 December 2021

Congratulations being chosen by PoemHunter And Team as The Poet Of The Day. Hoorray for the Canadian Keats!

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Sara Kendrick 01 August 2021

i like the depth of your lines. It is very expressive and emotive. Sara

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M. Sprindys 15 December 2018

Lorenna Mckinnet does a lovely rendition of Snow. Beautiful words indeed.

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Izuchukwu Ike 26 November 2018

can you make a person read the poem. The robot's voice drives my mind crazy

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Izuchukwu Ike 26 November 2018

what is the theme of the poem and can you tell us more about it

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The Best Poem Of Archibald Lampman

A Night Of Storm

Oh city, whom grey stormy hands have sown,
With restless drift, scarce broken now of any,
Out of the dark thy windows dim and many
Gleam red across the storm. Sound is there none,
Save evermore the fierce wind's sweep and moan,
From whose grey hands the keen white snow is shaken
In desperate gusts, that fitfully lull and waken,
Dense as night's darkness round they towers of stone.

Darkling and strange art thou thus vexed and chidden;
More dark and strange thy veiled agony,
City of storm, in whose grey heart are hidden
What stormier woes, what lives that groan and beat,
Stern and thin-cheeked, against time's heavier sleet,
Rude fates, hard hearts, and prisoning poverty.

Archibald Lampman Popularity

Archibald Lampman Popularity

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