archie hardie

(still alive. / gorbals, glasgow, scotland)

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Better Red Than Dead.13/02/01

'Whats the plan for today my own true love,
what mighty event must I fix.'

'You`ve a meet with Banjo, Shoreboys an` Peel,
an` Abes` coming round for tea.'

'Is Abe the dealer in pigs, or is it prawns now m`dear,
n` does Maggie shut shop at three,
an` cor luv a duck I see young Peter m`lad,
is now a knockabout comic, teehee.
well, we`ll have no more of that
so we`ll give him the boot
oh, an` send him a crate o` brown ale.

O` wondrous man o` ma heart
stop talkin` crap,
cos ah sense storm clouds amassin` ahead
an` wi` trouble aplenty ...

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