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Words shall never describe
what a soldier is
with a family brave
loosing in wars

seeing her child
part from her, the mother cried

she cried hard

Father prove day
is a special day
a way to a happy ray
Chance by chance our names were called

</>In the midst of the hot May
I went out one day
all around the town
to see who cares for a pretty dawn


A dream I had
was weird, was bad
was very sad.
I saw the world

I found a friend
and the friend was you

I found a friend so true


On this earth
Errors each day take birth
The desire for more and more
Jealousy in every heart’s core.

I packed my bags
and left the house
that i knew was not easy.

people call it a lovely bond
between people since they are born
they say it goes on till they die
but here, i want to ask why

Stairs to success are very long
on it's way a lot many things may go wrong.....
People say the stairs length depends on luck
long for some

You must never regret
for what you did not get
It's not yours or the givers fault
for anything you missed out in all


Two souls separated long back
were brought together
as faith did it all.
The mother met her child,

A bird mocked at me
I didn't know what it was for
realized later, was being teased
for it isn't just wings

Not a moment single in life
of our gem like life
is worth a dropp of tear
or worth a cry!


A little hope
and a little dream
all I want is a chance
a little trust and I know it will be me

A little hope and a little dream
all I need is a chance
A little trust and I know it will be me
for the sky is, where I have to be

I once set out
and tried to find
What laid beyond the depths
what laid in the ocean's pacify.

Every season passing by
I wondered of the time
when even I would fly
fly to reach the sky.

for long hours I waited
for a friend true
for a friend like you
I waited long.

I've no tears to cry
my eyes have gone pale and dry.
What they saw in past
was discrimination on things like cast.

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I have been doing poetry since the age of nine and by now have written over fifty poems, some of which have been displayed by me online. Ever since I first read a poem, I have been inspired to simply write on anything everything that pleases me. I hope to reach great heights with my poems in future. Recently, I have been added to the Poetry Society of India. Poetry is my passion, my everything.)

The Best Poem Of Areena Arora

Kargil Warfare

Words shall never describe
what a soldier is
with a family brave
loosing in wars
all they have
yet smiling to the nation's pride

such is what a soldier is
for when they came with guns and arms
the soldier faced it all
heads held high
for the nation
he was ready to die

such is the sacrifice a soldier makes
and yes!
words shall never describe
what a soldier is

Kargil was the place
this time the fight was for mother land
the soldier could not be held
he marched
without fear
smoke rose high
there on the dusty land
fought the soldier
with no fear of death

he knew beneath
he had to win
and yes he did
his land he saved
but lost many his friends

and we salute
bow our head
for our words shall never describe
what a soldier is.

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